Pixar in a Box: Aspiring 3D artists can learn Pixar's Methods

If I had to pick one company that piqued my interest in computer art, Pixar would be that company. While I ended up deviating slightly from my goal of one day working for them, Pixar has always been an inspiration to myself and many other generations of 3D artists. Fortunately for younger hopefuls and those hopefuls who are young at heart, Pixar has teamed up with an online education site to pull the curtain back on some of their processes:

The lessons are geared for grades 5 and up, but still a great resource for anyone who wants to see how Pixar works it’s magic.


I’m jealous of graphic artists of all stripes.

A paragraph or two about some random shit is no problem for me, but to make a picture of it?

The people at Pixar get paid well for a really good reason.


I have a MFA but I don’t really consider myself an “artist”. I can’t draw for shit, but I can pick up technical stuff like breathing air.

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If you consider breathing air to be technical, I think you’re gonna have problems…


Like I said, I have an MFA. I’m lucky if I can avoid getting both legs into one pant leg hole in the morning.

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