Pixel-art on classic furniture


LOL - we should probably cross-post it here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tag/bad-photoshop


Okay for “pixellated fine art”, not necessarily “pixel art”.

Is not the first a subset of the second?

If not, please explain.

I have a sneaking suspicion that in ten years, the people who buy these will be very embarrassed about them.


“Pixel art” generally means art that was created in a bitmap editor and displays the associated characteristics (crisp edges, high contrast, limited palette, etc.) If turning an image into a bitmap makes it pixel art, then every GIF and JPG ever made qualifies.

Though I suppose it’s a tricky distinction; this may not be pixel art, but it is art with visible pixels.

In any case, man, that does not look good. It’s some nicely-made furniture and I love the pixel aesthetic, but they go together like pickles and ice cream.

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or one.

Most fashionable things go through a period of rejection. Maybe it’s flash in the pan, maybe it will prove to be an interesting example of this era…

It’s certainly drawn the ire of the curmudgeon contingent. That too is no indicator of quality.


There’s no excuse for spoiling good original veneer. Please tell me this is only done with damaged furniture.


I like these furnitures better than mirror-finished furniture. Ugh. That stuff is horrible.

Which assessment my wife disagrees with as much as the pickles-and-ice-cream-don’t-mix claim.

But this stuff may be just as horrible in 25 years (or less). Posted to “Vintage Interior Disasters” on Pinterest or something.

One some level yes – they’re art, and they’re pixel art, because they are neither earthworks nor (in most cases) performance art [“The blood flowing through your vena cava while you read this gif is my art”]. As toddler-drawings are art, as well, just not exemplar examples. However, some GIFs and JPGs with visible pixels etc. not hand-crafted but designed per somebody’s aesthetic is pixel art.

For my part, I like visible pixels, but I dislike hand-crafted images made in a bitmap editor, unless it was hand-crafted in a bitmap editor 25 years ago.

Different resolutions and contrasts for different folks.

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