Why one game developer finally gave up pixel art


That’s sad to hear, but I understand. A few friends of mine and I play trad Scottish music, and the first two comments out of peoples minds are, “Scottish music isn’t music”, and " where is your drum set and auto tune?"

But we do it for fun, so we can get away with it. And it seems a similar fate is befalling pixel art.


Speaking as one who games, this makes sense to me. Gamers are nothing if not an uncultured rabble who understand and appreciate nothing about history or aesthetics. We collectively make people who watch The Big Bang Theory look cultured.


Complimenting The Big Bang Theory? Them’s fightin’ words! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve always thought about pixel art like Impressionist painting, where the viewer is meant to see the brushstrokes. The gap between the the strokes which implies so much is pretty in itself. In many ways it’s much harder to do pixel art than it is to draw.

However I disagree that it isn’t the developers job to show the viewer how to view pixel art. Normal players aren’t reviewers, and they don’t really know what makes a game (or any medium) good, they just know when it’s bad (and frankly with games in particular reviewers are often in the same boat). Creating new and interesting experiences and showing the player how they can be valuable is absolutely the creators job. If you give the player what they say they want every time every game would suck

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