Pizza delivery man instructed to scream rather than ring doorbell


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This is totally something me and my dumb friends would have done growing up, but as an adult it makes me cringe a bit. Treating people in the service industry like performers feels cruel. Can we stick to asking them to draw funny pictures on the box?



Ah, beat me to it. That would have been classic.


If the button don’t bell, bump the door.


That second video is straight out of my nightmares.



The guy brought a border collie to a deer park. What was he thinking?



Points for the Fenton reference. That makes me chuckle every time still.


I bet there are some hardcore or thrash metal bands trying to get in touch with that pizza guy now.


Dunno, but pretty sure the collie was thinking…



I think it was just a regular park that happened to have deer on it. But yes, instincts kicked in.


I have a purported lab-shepherd mix (he’s probably a lot more than that.) Usually he’s pretty chill but if he sees a critter he bolts after it. He very much wants to play with the deer he sees at the edge of our yard.

  1. I have a friend who delivers pizza in the evenings, she and her colleagues almost get into fights over who gets to go to customers like that - it breaks up the monotony, it’s fun, it makes the job worth doing (her words). Glad the deliverer was happy to do it, glad the customers told him why they asked and why it was going on YouTube, good natured all round, great to see. :slight_smile:
  2. He’s right, that high pitched version was even better!


My dog loves barking at visitors, so we started asking pizza/food delivery guys to call the house rather than ring the doorbell. That worked a few times, but she quickly figured out that phonecalls meant that someone was here & she’d start barking. I switched to having them text me; now she gets keyed up if she seems me pick up my celphone. Maybe screaming is the next step.


Wow, that guy could go toe to toe with my Mother.


I did a quick search and it seems like its possible to train your dog to not bark at the door/doorbell, especially if your dog is treat or food motivated. Check it out, might work for you :smiley:


Wow! Marlon Brando’s rippling, muscular back.


I guess you could walk the dog around to the pizza place and pick up your order; though, I suppose that might defeat the object of ordering out for food.