Plagiarism detection app vs Russia's elites: 1-2 fake PhDs discovered every day

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I am stunned that fraud would be endemic in Russia! Does America lead in anything anymore?


But getting a fake degree has real advantages:

Yes, in Russia that is.

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I wonder if you can get a ghostwritten dissertation that isn’t published elsewhere(presumably such a ‘zero day’ product would cost substantially more; but that’s what hungry grad students are for); or whether the vendors of dubious PhDs are sufficiently unreliable and clandestine that it’s a total lemon market that can’t support high quality fakes?


This is a problem entirely created by our stupid credentialism fetish. If job interviews were based around demonstrating skills instead of relying on past accomplishments, we wouldn’t have this problem. But, you know, that would make someone’s job more difficult, so it will never happen.


Hungry grad students who can write a dissertation publish it under their OWN name.

But hungry unemployed or underemployed Ph.D.s? Sure, I could see that. For that matter, I could see it happening here. Speaking as someone who earned* his Ph.D. from a reasonably prestigious American institution of higher learning, the ongoing devaluation and depersonalization of graduate education in this country means we could easily get to exactly this level of mass-fakery through slightly different means.

* pinky swear!

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