Arduino's new CEO has spent years pretending to have an MIT PhD and an NYU MBA


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2017 will go down as the biggest year for exposing fakes & phonies. Really!


Historians, comedians, playwrights, and satirists of the far-future will envy us.


I don’t really get why it’s considered necessary to lie about your affiliations like this. Yes, having a degree from a fancy school is great for prestige and can help to open doors more easily and provides connections. That said, the open source – and tech community at large greatly values action over fluff. Just having a fancy degree from a fancy school doesn’t mean you’re actually any good outside of the world of academia. I can’t tell you how many CS graduates from big name schools I’ve interviewed or worked with who I could never see as having a future in the industry.

The Arduino project for all of its flaws and controversies has been a boon to the maker world and electronic hobbyist community. Why should one feel it necessary to lie about their academic history at this point? What is there to prove?

Arduino's "arm's-length" foundation is being run by CEO who lied about his degrees from MIT and NYU

My experience is that many European countries value it more.


I read the headline and thought, “Oh, I bet this is the scammer who took out the trademark!” It’s not surprising that someone who has shown, let us say, a lack of ethics is predisposed to other lapses in ethical behavior and adherence to norms.


Cory, please read more carefully before posting. This is not the same founder that took out the trademark behind his partners’ backs. That was Gianluca Martino. It’s explained in the Wired article.


Yeah, but…


Who even lists their pre-College CV on LinkedIn anyway?

“Oh, yeah. I was going to hire Joe Blow, but you went to Montessorri Kindergarten so you are definitely my preferred candidate!”


The crazy part is, if you’re an entrepreneur and owner of your own company, nobody gives a damn about your education. If you’re going to lie, lie about something that matters.


Okay,maybe. I worked with him maybe 15 years ago, and Federico is great at dinner-- lots of wine, fascinating conversations (which I now doubt a little), and great buffalo mozzarella salads.


“The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons”


I do appreciate your optimisim…


My tech idols are all college dropouts, like me.


Probably a Corllins grad.


Well, when gallows-humor is all I have left these days…



Aww phuck, didn’t even catch the sarcasm, I was just enjoying yer clever wit.:smile_cat:


I most definitely caught the sarcasm (yet another survival tool in Toolkit ver. 2017.0)



A fake PhD seems particularly gutsy.

A BA/BS can certainly trip you up if you pretend to have one that the school never actually offered; or somebody gets confirmation from the registrar that they’ve never heard of you; but a PhD? Now you are on the hook for a thesis advisor who fits the timeframe and area of study and won’t go “Who? Huh?” if asked; plus having to explain why your dissertation isn’t even available by grovelling through the deep microfilm; and the registrar can still have never heard of you.

Is there someone out there who doesn’t check too carefully; but absolutely won’t settle for a mere BS or MS in CS? Seems really weird.


University of R’lyeh, Darknet Online.