Arduino's "arm's-length" foundation is being run by CEO who lied about his degrees from MIT and NYU

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So what does Arduino holdings actually own, in terms of IP? If it’s an open-source project, shouldn’t it be possible to just fork it, and have anyone in the community who cares move to the new fork, and just leave the current Arduino Holdings and Arduino Foundation to wither?


Maybe he meant he has dungarees from MIT.


People care about lying nowadays? (edited to add /s)


he was there one time and it was so hot it made him sweat. - he took at least 100 degrees that day.


The name.
And the IDE ( I think ).

Sure you can fork it, and many have already done so. Ever hear of Freeduino, Geekcreid, Freaklabs Freakduino, Boarduino, Dccduino, NHduino…


Among any of the degreed professionals I’ve ever known, lying about your qualifications would be a cardinal sin. It doesn’t surprise me that the (computer) engineering types involved with Arduino see this as an extremely serious matter. I concur, it goes to character and trust.


When I was doing a computer programming course, the guy running it prefaced pretty much every sentence with, “When I was doing my first degree…”, to ram home the point that he had more than one degree. I started doing the same, without clarifying, “When I was doing my first degree… which was a Graphic Design Degree, that I got kicked off for being too slack even for the members of an Art Faculty to stomach.”


To be somewhat contrarian, does this really matter? Surely his previous business experience is much more important here. Like, personally, isn’t part of the point of open source actually that it shouldn’t matter who you are and what credentials you might have?

If he were some kind of autodidact engineering savant who had proved his engineering chops in the real world, but needed the fake degrees just to get past some bureaucratic red tape, I don’t think there would be the same distaste. But this is the story of a businessperson faking not only his business credentials, but also faking having engineering cred to justify taking over an open-source engineering concern.


I started referring to Mrs. Hungryjoe as “my first wife.” We’re still married (and hopefully always will be), but I like to give folks something to think about.

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I brought this up last time there was a post about this guy. Apparently that take degrees really seriously in Europe and place a large amount of importance on this (good old boys club, basically).

‘… does this really matter?’

I think are getting the “this” wrong. Nobody is criticizing him for not having degrees from MIT (or anywhere else). They are talking about his lying about it, and how the open source community values openness and honesty. After he was called out for the lying, he even doubled down and lied some more about how it happened. “This” is the issue. His lack of college credentials was never brought up by anyone.


What matters is that he lied about having those degrees. It shows that he’s an unreconstructed scumbag.

And professional fraudster. I wouldn’t trust him alone with the money from a kindergarten bake sale.

In pretty much all the fields I’ve worked in, anyone caught pulling that sort of stunt would be permanently blackbanned from the entire industry.

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