Suspected Nazi enthusiast Sebastian Gorka's degree probably fake


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It’s almost like you can’t trust Nazis the Alt-Right.

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So it basically boils down to “Man who is kinda-sort-of-maybe a nazi, also kinda-sort-of-maybe has a degree?” With some shades of largely unqualified POTUS hires aides with suspect credentials?


Or creepy scary “deputy assistant” gets creepier and scarier?



The guy’s a turd. Suspected turd?


That works too. Just saying this guy seems like the poster child for the banality of evil.


The hilarious bit is that he insists on being called “Dr. Gorka” (which, given he’s not a medical doctor, is already douchebaggery), and always has “PhD.” at the end of his name in every context. Everyone in the field always considered him and his thesis degree to be a joke.

It’s become abundantly clear that when it comes to White House staff/advisors, “credentials” entirely consist of agreeing with whatever preconceived notions Trump already holds.


In addition to these revelations that the committee examining his thesis was unqualified and improperly constituted, there’s also the dubious quality of the thesis in its own right; see Daniel Nexon in Foreign Policy on this.


Another puffed up, self appointed “Expert” member of Team Trump turns out to be a complete fraud? None of this is in the least bit surprising any more. Trump probably fell for him because of his accent, which Donnie thinks makes him sound smart.


Is it possible that Gorka is a serial fantasist? A little while back, The Slot looked at Gorka’s claims to have served in the Territorial Army (British equivalent of the Army Reserve), as a counter-terrorist intelligence agent. While these claims can’t be definitively disproven, there is a certain amount of legitimate doubt about what exactly he did – reports of his activities seem to vary each time the subject comes up. The photos that he posted of himself in uniform appear to show him wearing the cap badge of the University of London’s Officer Training Corps. While a university OTC is technically part of the Territorial Army, the fact that these are the only photos from his distinguished military career that he has seen fit to share does make one wonder a bit.

Of course, no one is actually saying that one of our president’s closest advisors is some kind of self-aggrandizing neo-fascist mall ninja with a fake degree from a diploma mill … but maybe we shouldn’t completely discount the possibility.


So, suspected nazis with fake degrees can easily get jobs… How about little old me?


3:20 is the relevant bit.


Thanks, haven’t watched it in a while.


There is another little linguistic twist: Gurka is Hungarian for Cucumber / Gherkin and can be used as a term of insult thus it is unsurprising to a Hungarian speaker that someone whose name is immediately associated with

is keen to add Dr to his name.


maybe he can make up for it with extra-authentic nazi enthusiasm?


I must say, I’m a bit disappointed. We’re already more than 15 comments in and none of our usual masters of the false equivalency have shown with examples of liberal appointees who fudged their CVs. Hurry up with your “gotchas”, or we’re going to think that appointing a dangerous fascist clown with dodgy credentials as a top-level WH national security advisor is the kind of thing only a right-wing populist administration could do.


Once again, this is a man who was selected to occupy a position of power and influence by an administration that claims we can’t take in refugees who passed a two-year vetting process because they haven’t had thorough enough background checks.


Are ‘Transcendental Terrorists’ as likely as their numerical counterparts to have substantial imaginary components; and often no nonzero real value at all?