Plague Inc - a game where you evolve microbes to create a global plague


How hard is it to infect Madagascar?


Surprisingly easy. The difficult one is Greenland because it’s cold and only has a harbour that is infrequently serviced by ships from other countries that are also hard to infect.

It is fun for a bit, and kept me occupied for a reasonable amount of time, but you relatively quickly figure out a formula that works for almost all of the different modes, and then it’s just kind of going through the motions.


To me the most curious thing about this specific game is that the patch notes for a recent update indicate the author has had some conversations with the CDC about the infection models.

I wonder if they saw something his game was doing that they actually found useful, or if it was just an amusing diversion.

This was a fun game or fa few days. I highly recommend paying for the full version that let’s you speed up time. The beginning is always slow and there isn’t anything to do after a certain point other than watch the plague play out.

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I would evolve my plagues specifically to get there.

What I hated most was destroying 99.99% of humanity, but like 1000 people in Greenland managed to not get infected and quarantine themselves, making me lose the game.

Relatively easy if your disease is waterborne and heat resistant. It’s all about bilge.

That’s exactly what I was wondering - thanks for taking the time to review and post. Sounds like it is more of a learning tool than a real game; that’s not a bad thing, just not what I’m looking for at the moment.

Madagascar, Caribbean, and Greenland are the three that really challenge me. They each have no land borders and only a sea port, so if they shut down the sea port before you’ve infected, you’ve basically lost the game unless you pull some heroics out of your butt. Of the three, Greenland is the hardest, I think because it is so seldom visited, and only from a very few places. Also, since it is sparsely populated and has few transmission vectors, the disease spreads very slowly. Finally, the Greenlanders seem more willing than most to exterminate the infected people once the disease gets to about 100 or so. Starting the game in Russia and buying water-transmission early will help you get a jump-start on Greenland, but watch that you don’t end up in the same situation with regard to Madagascar or Caribbean.

I kind of know what you’re talking about, but each disease requires a slightly different strategy. I’m still having trouble beating Bio Weapon level on Brutal, although I’ve come close a few times. The strategy of “keep your head down so they don’t start working on the cure and then go super-lethal” is hard to implement when Bio Weapon kills people off without evolving any symptoms.

This game makes me sad when I win. :frowning:

In most modes it´s mainly about staying under the radar by quickly devolving symptoms when they pop up until all the world is infected, the cranking up the lethality.

Since this is BB, it´s probably worth noting that the expansion included in the full version has a “brain worm” scenario that lets you create a zombie apocalypse.

I’m still having trouble beating Bio Weapon level on Brutal

Obviously you’re just bad at the game, then.
/me got close to winning with the fungus on Normal

Totally agree. The gene splice that keeps devolve costs from increasing is basically an automatic win on most modes, as long as you have patience. As soon as you mutate a symptom, immediately devolve it, and nobody will notice you until you reach 100% infection. At that point, as long as you have saved up enough DNA points to go super-lethal all at once, you win.

That’s why Bioweapon is so hard for me–because I haven’t yet figured out how to stay under the radar long enough to have finished infecting people.

I think you must be missing a sarcasm tag, otherwise I’m just confused.

I’ve been playing this game for weeks. It does get repetivie though. The basic strategy for all the plagues, but one, is the same: Infect as many people as possible while remaining undetected(no symptoms) for as long as possible. Then swiftly turn your virus into a lethal one and kill humanity before the cure is found.

The main difficulty to me is always infecting and spreading to Iceland and Greenland. The makers of this game seem to have some bias favoring Iceland over all other western nations. Sometimes your virus will simply refuse to spread among Iceland’s population while the other Scandinavian countries fell quickly.

I still haven’t been able to destroy humanity with the bio-weapon. Which require you to delay or stop the lethality of the weapon so it can spread faster than it kills.

I’m sorry; I thought the sarcasm tag was self-evident. I was merely pointing out that merely getting to, much less almost beating Bio Weapon on Brutal is an accomplishment I’d consider plenty brag-worthy all on its own.

I found the game incredibly fun when I was selectively trying to evolve the disease to spread across the world, infect birds and livestock, make it spreadable by saliva in time for the “kissing festivals”, and, once it was detected, trying to speed things up fast enough to disrupt research on the cure by killing enough people or using clever mutations that affected the way people work.

Then I discovered that the only effective strategy in harder levels is to nothing at all and de-evolve any mutations, and just sit and wait for an hour until every country was infected.

Then it stopped being as fun.

(Note: I got bored once I discovered this strategy on level 3 (fungus?) and stopped. Maybe it gets fun again later?)

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