Plague mask of bugglegum cyberpunk apocalypse sparkly rainbow fabulousness

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Reminds me to plant some gourds this year.


bugglegum cyberpunk apocalypse sparkly rainbow fabulousness

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What are half masks; Anything like N95 facemasks?

Yes, these lovely yet complicated masks are not particularly practical - keeping them clean must be a nightmare. But what a lot of news articles about this are NOT pointing out is that when everyone wears a mask, the combination of your mask, physical distancing and their mask puts two masks between you. Every person has the virus reduction benefit of two masks.

The people who are saying that good home made masks don’t work are relying on some poorly run studies which don’t look at what happens when most people wear masks and keep physical distance - they’re making “educated guesses” based on studies that don’t reflect what’s actually happening. In real life, mask wearing is working well in Singapore, Hong Kong and other places where masks are universal.

So wear a mask.

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