Play as a destructive pomeranian in this free game

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Dog Show Walking GIF by NBC


They are a small, but hardy, breed.


So… single player only Splatoon, I guess

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Some of us have the home game.


This… looks kinda fun.

When I puppy sit, I mostly just get HUGE dust bunnies of fur.

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I have the Giant Sized Live Action set.


Can confirm. I just installed it and played a level, and it’s INSANELY fun. Now I just need to figure out the nuances of gameplay, since everything is in Japanese. It’s crazy that this game is free.

ETA: Okay, I just realized that what I thought was a level is just an event - the game seems to be just within the one house. Still hilarious, and fun.


How to change language …

How to change the language to English
Select these buttons:

  1. first small one (options) at the main page
  2. second one (display) in the options
  3. last one (language) in the display menu

Wonderful, thank you!

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I misread the title more than once, and, until I watched the video, I was expecting a game about a Detective Pomeranian.

That dog can’t even get over how fluffy it is itself.

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Definitely a Pom then.
They’re like Marigold Heavenly Nostirils. Whenever they see another fluffball like them they stop and go “you’re beautiful! Like me!”

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Reminds me of what little I know of Goat Simulator 3, nice pointless destructive rampaging. It’s on my list, I just haven’t gotten it yet.

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