Play the first chapter of this creepy, charming girl detective game

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Girl detective? Do you call the others boy detectives?

“Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective.”
So, not always, but sometimes?

(I do share your sentiment though.)


Freaking awesome, cute trailer. Seriously considering replacing my daily affirmation that also looks like a carbohydrate-hating cartoon with whatever swag I can buy (signed animation cel lenticular thing?) related to this. Heh heh.

Here’s a story headlined Tintin, Boy Detective, about the new(ish) translation of the Black Island into Scots.

Besides “Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective” and “Tintin, Boy Detective” already mentioned, there’s the movie The Boy Detective, this old penny dreadful The Boy Detective (unrelated), and the books The Boy Detective (unrelated) and The Boy Detective Fails (unrelated).

The last book is actually an ironic title on the trope of being “the Boy Detective,” since obviously it’s a pretty common trope.

(The book itself is actually not good. I read it by mistake on an plane.)

This looks pretty neat. It definitely has a bit of a “Gravity Falls” vibe to it.

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