Play the world's largest version of Minesweeper, maybe


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Meh. It’s just going to end with some bullcrap like this.

Unless they’ve coded it to make such situations impossible.


An exercise in insanity–sometimes Minesweeper throws things at you where no logic can tell you were the mine is, you have to guess between usually two possibilities. On something that big there’s probably multiple such cases and thus a very low probability of success even with perfect play.

Edit: Jorpho beat me to it. Then my motherboard died before I posted the edit, now I see I wrote “Minecraft” rather than “Minesweeper”.


I think you mean Minesweeper. The bombs in Minecraft hunt you.


Play giant minesweeper right now with people all over the world: Instead of losing, you lose points for flipping the coin on those danged conundrums.


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