Playable violin made of 16,000 matchsticks

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In other news, Nero will be performing live at the Coliseum this Saturday.


I imagine it’s almost as much glue as it is wood.



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I have repaired my own instruments. I use wood glue, which is this powdery resin that must be boiled in water first and then clamped shut for a week or so after it’s applied. I can’t imagine the technology has changed that much since 1937, and this is hardly a space age product I’m describing. If there was a space age super epoxy, it’s staying the fuck away from my stringed instruments.

Then again, I’ve never had an instrument made from such small pieces of wood either.


Quite right too. For one thing, most stringed instruments are designed to be dismantled; for another, a gap filling adhesive would affect sound transmission if there was a gap. Fish glue, or urea formaldehyde, can both be broken with damp or steam (which is why some WW2 aircraft didn’t like the Pacific theater.) Resorcinol, or the other hand, is boil proof.

I am a mere bodger and often use epoxy rather than spend ages fitting, but when a wood to wood joint is possible and I don’t intend ever to break it, I use PVA - which is the strongest glue of all. Use it on plywood and if you do try to break the joint, the ply delaminates.

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I never thought I would say this, but in this case I think I prefer Status Quo to Ozzy.

At least Hubert didn’t play this on it


Just like my house.


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