Playing a piano composition for right hand, to lull baby in left hand back to sleep

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Enough with the piano already, I’m trying to sleep here!

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Where can I get the sheet music for this?

Lovely! In more ways than one. :zzz:

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thanks a bunch! Do you know of a good internet source for sheet music? I only know about pianofiles (which is wonderful)

I use the International Music Score Library Project. It’s all public domain though. Nothing newer. This Khachaturian fellow doesn’t show up at all at IMSLP.

Hadn’t ever heard of it. Does it still exist anywhere? Google says it’s a site that (got) shut down this past December.

Oh no! That’s heartbreaking. The community there was awesome. It was based on communication, no p2p or anything like that. You posted the list of what you had, like every other, then you mailed each other to share what you needed/were asked for, and that was it. What a disgrace.

Most of my sheet collection came from there, as importing debussy sheet music to argentina isn’t exactly easy.

Edit: seems to be doing the same, I haven’t started digging, though.

Debussy is public domain. At least in these parts it is.

Good thing he’s talented. If that was me I would have fumbled some part and cursed loudly, waking the sleeping baby.

He is doing it wrong, Baby was asleep already :wink:

I only know of a couple of pieces for right hand alone, as opposed to hundreds for left hand. He should hold the baby with his right, and he could play all night long.

(ps: Well done.)

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