Pluto and other known “not-planets” in our solar system mapped in scale image montage

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It’s missing one notable one - Eris

Eris - Wikipedia


I don’t recall where I heard it said, but right here on earth there are a myriad of minor rivers and mountains most of us can’t name, but it doesn’t make them non-mountains or non-rivers.

It could be we have more heavenly bodies in the oort cloud than we could possibly memorize, but does that make Pluto any less of a planet because it’s among them?

I think that he only included objects for which “we” have pretty pictures…

there are hundreds of Kuiper belt objects that I would include on this montage if we had ever visited them up close

“Many large round worlds are not currently classified as planets: the solar system’s major moons, the largest asteroids, and large Kuiper belt obkects. These are the ones spacecraft have visited.


Nope. It’s a conspiracy. Eris makes Pluto look small and unimportant.

(Or a t least it did until yesterday.) Now it’s Eris’s turn.)

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Ahem… Evil Mastermind Io Moonbase

Lousy location. You’ll never get the sulfur smell out of the cat’s fur.


The last time that Eris got snubbed things did not go well.


It has a strange sadness, which I also feel when I see Mars Rover photos.

Mountains and plains and riverbeds… all dead. Nothing ever grown there, no animal or person has walked there. Maybe that’s a “Life Centric” view, but there you go.

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Moons and asteroids are not non-planets because they are minor or small. It is because they are a different kind of body. They either orbit other planets, or have irregular solar orbits. Just like a pond or a marsh are a non-river, it is not a matter of size.

Well, what made you think to make this appeal for Pluto and not the others like Ganymede, Titan, Triton, or Ceres? As I explained here, the eight largest worlds define their own regions of the solar system, while these smaller ones all either orbit others or are part of belts of similar bodies. There’s a very natural split here.

I think it’s useful to distinguish between these groups, less like various size rivers and streams and more like the few continents and many islands. Particularly now that we are finding similar categories, exoplanets with cleared orbits and debris belts, around many other stars.

I’m not sure I’d go that far, though. :slight_smile: Pluto is a bit less massive than Eris, but apparently a bit larger in terms of radius. But it does underscore how Pluto is really one of many, just as Ceres turned out, and with how people have reacted it’s certainly earned its name.


Every photographed planet or moon in our solar system
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Yes, I am aware of the differences between planets, moons, and asteroids. I was strictly focusing on the downgrade of Pluto from a planet, if that wasn’t clear.

You know Pluto doesn’t care.
Call it whatever you want, it doesn’t give a damn.

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That is pure conjecture!


All hail Discordia.


Maybe you need a more “Developer-Centric” view.

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I think that Emily Lakdawalla is a “she”, not a “he”.