Podcast asks: "What would you say to the one who got away?"

Agreed. My taste in women matured through my 20’s, any of them would have been a disaster of a marriage. I met my wife at 33 and have been married nearly 22 years.


You know, this “One who got away” narrative doesn’t do anyone any good.

Especially if you have one that has decided to stick around

Take all those feelings of loss and do whatever you need to do to kill them dead.


“What would you say to the one who got away?


“My ex’s and the oh, oh, oh’s they haunt me. Like ghosts they want me to make 'em O They won’t let go…”

Okay, I have to weigh in on this, because 90% of the reason why I don’t do Faceplant, Twits, etc. is because I really have had multiple X’s (and sometimes just near-misses) track me down for that ‘You got away’ speech.

…there’s a reason you’re an X…

I have no idea if I’ve evolved over the years. I think my character and activities have changed only by subtle degrees, but when these relics try to contact me, they haven’t changed a bit. Not one bit. After a perfunctory greeting, they immediately launch into the same old shit that made me ‘get away’. Contacting me to re-start the same fight that ended with me ghosting you does not make me think I made a mistake.


Gah - an earworm! Noooooooo


"Had me a boy, turned him into a man; showed him everything that he didn't understand...

Whoah-oooh, and then I let him go..."


Bet you’re a fan of High Fidelity, one of my favorite movies and books. I thought the Broadway musical was great too, though critics did not agree and it closed after two weeks!

For those who don’t know it, the subject matter is just as this thread, a man looks up his “top 5 breakups” wondering why he isn’t good at relationships.


So that’s a weird thing I can’t relate to. No one has “gotten away” from me. Either I got away from them or I’m glad they’re gone in varying levels of intensity that dwindle down to people I probably have forgotten about. So I guess depending on which I’d say “Don’t contact me, if you do I will document it as harassment” or “yeah same to you…” To any other’s I’d say “it could have gone worse but probably not better… consider this a lucky break.” I don’t really get attachment to people who aren’t really in your life anymore on the whole. You don’t know them. What you miss is a fantasy they would have destroyed, or else you wouldn’t miss it so much. It’s a hard world to live in, and it’s harder alone, but it’s the absolute hardest in a shit relationship.


I’m laughing at that clip! I was actually so repelled by the John Cusack character, I wound up cringing through the whole movie. I will gladly admit it was a good movie, but it made me so uncomfortable to watch that neutron star of self-absorption try to justify himself to his X’s that I wanted to run out of the theater.

It didn’t help that when I saw it, I went with a group of yackety record collectors who are definitely not introspective about their relationship self-sabotage. If you gave them a life raft, they would complain about the color.


“We both dodged a bullet there.”


I was so annoyed by the characters I took a phone call in the lobby for 45 min and didn’t see most of the film. Something about a scarf and good smells or maybe I’m getting it mixed up. Not my cup of tea. I got dragged to see it without knowing what it was by some friends who are big John Cusack fans but I’m not a big Rom Com person and found myself wishing I could be doing my taxes or weeding the front yard to pass the time. It’s probably not a bad movie by most people’s standards… but it’s like every time someone tries to get me to drink beer when I say I don’t like beer. Please, I’m old enough to have plenty of regrets but none of them are beers I didn’t drink or Rom Coms I didn’t see.


Yeah, they were very few characters in the movie that weren’t devout narcissists. I’m usually not a fan of “cringe comedies”, festivals of self-destructive behavior like most sitcoms today, but I find the writing and acting in this movie to be superior. I also like the ending message that no one is hopeless, neither Rob nor his minions equally socially impaired in their own ways.

“It gets better”. Sometimes. If you want it. If you let it. If you work at it. Trust me, I was a desperately socially impaired teen.


… I was a desperately socially impaired teen.

Pffffttt…That doesn’t count. Teens are supposed to be awkward and undateable. Even animals are hilariously inept when they are first trying to land mates.

Top 5 life-raft colours? Orange is too obvious. Hit it.


I suspect there’s additional fallout in addition to the over-censoring. I can’t post to Craigslist U.S.A. anymore because I don’t have a U.S. cellphone number to confirm my legitimacy, despite my mailing address, virtual storefront, and point of origin for shipping all exist in San Diego.


“Teddy, the Panama canal needs another lock!”


“I still say that the cabbage and the lettuce look the same.”

THAT…is the pitch-perfect snark to this ill-conceived sojourn down the garden path of memory lane, if you’ll excuse the frappéd metaphor.

Learn from the past? Every fucking day!
Revisit it, not on your life.

I like to think that at some time future hence our decedents defy all the physics we know and learn the secret of time travel, and then wisely decide to let the past stay in the past where it belongs. #SmartKids


Key lime pie green.

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