Podcast: Interoperability and Privacy: Squaring the Circle

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/08/13/quis-custodiet-zuckerberg-2.html

Is there any chance these podcasts will be distributed in any other way?
Either Stitcher, iTunes, Bandcamp, Patreon, etc?
As important as these Dispatches du Cory are important to me, I’m much less likely to listen to them when I have to catch the recording in the normal BoingBoing stream, download the mp3 in full, transfer it to a portable device, or listen to it at home.
Is there an ideological reason why you limit release to your own platform?

The podcast is available on all podcast apps. Search for “Cory Doctorow podcast.”

Ah, thanks Cory. Sorry for the confusion.
Somehow the Search in Stitcher and Google podcasts didn’t direct me to your show when I looked for it a a week ago and I guess made some gross assumptions.

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