Point Cloud Animation Film, all Photogrammetry Sets + Live Action

If you’re into alternative forms of photography or 3d visualization, then you’ll probably like this film. It’s set in a Point Cloud world, similar to the vids you see from Kinects, but far denser, it’s similar to Radiohead’s House of Cards video from back in 2008, but still different to that too. Regardless, more people should see it. That’s my take & I know I made it, but it’s pretty hard getting everyone’s attention, I don’t exactly have a marketing team!



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I really can’t determine what your reply means… it’s kind of pointy?

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This is really cool.

I had to go to Vimeo to get it to play.

Thanks Michael, it seems to be a coders film in some ways. We build the
renderer from scratch as there was nothing out there that worked the way we
wanted ( http://dotswarm.nz ). One unfortunate thing is how bad the
internets/h.264 compresses the film. I’ve got a hi-res version on my S3 if
you have the patience to download 8gigs and watch it in it’s full glory.
https://s3.amazonaws.com/dbucket3/Sifted_MASTER_prores.mov . Do you do
bit of computer vision stuff?


I’m crap with graphics - I did a basic Processing.js MOOC that was revelatory – but I’ve done virtually nothing since then. I work better with language, so I’m sticking with learning there.

[good night – I’ve been on too late, again!]

Won’t download:

“Video can’t be played because the file is corrupt.”

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