Pokémon Go trainer for hire


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OMG - I just told a guy at work that I want to quit my job and just go get pokemon for some eccentric rich recluse.


Reads like: Here’s a picture of a cute girl. Now give me your password and money.

What could go wrong?


For some reason that picture just redlines my creep-o-meter


Maybe a game isn’t really that fun if you’d rather hire other people to play it for you?





She needs to team up with these two.
They’ll be running the world in no time!


Remember: wealth is a sign of social status. So is being good at Pokemon Go (at the moment).

So trading one for the other makes perfect sense!


I think too many people possibly misread it as tits.


That’s a pretty niche social circle.


It’ll be cheaper to outsource our fun once Pokemon Go makes it to India.


I’m for hire, too, if anyone wants me to play their videogames for them.


Let a stranger have access to my google account so I could get some legendary pokemon?

Are you kidding me?!?!

…where do I sign up?


Already out of date. She took the ad down once she was told that her business put her at odds with the game’s Terms of Service, and risks both her and any clients from being banned from the game. The game is designed and run by Niantic (a Google division), which is well known for routinely kicking people off Ingress when caught cheating.

From The Huffington Post:

UPDATE: Ivy St. Ive has taken down her posting on Craigslist and issued a statement on her Instagram explaining why she will no longer be offering her services.

“I’ve had several emails from people warning me that offering to be a Pokemon trainer is completely against the terms and services of Niantic, a company that is notorious for banning people. … I looked into it, and confirmed that, something I probably should have done before making the post,” she wrote, in part.

She added that she’s “hoping to go back to a world where I can just play Pokemon Go in peace.”

Oh, well, that was almost interesting, for a minute or two.

  1. Drive around, looking for Pokemon
  2. ???
  3. Profit!



Perhaps she was pushed out of business by PokéWalk?


Holy shit career goals. She makes what I do an hour.


"Just Landed???"

Dude, we’ve been living there for ages, now…


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