"Pokemon with guns" rises to be third-most played game in Steam history. Some expect Nintendo to take legal action.

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/01/23/pokemon-with-guns-rises-to-be-third-most-played-game-in-steam-history-some-expect-nintendo-to-take-legal-action.html

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And also while the game doesn’t support mods yet there is a mod that adds pokemon trainers and pokemon into the game.

Palworld devs literally (in the classic sense) ripped models, rigs and other stuff from pokemon (and a whole bunch of other) games, they gonna get sued into a smoking crater.


I haven’t been interested in the game at all, but i do have friends that have been playing it lately and they’re really enjoying it. It’s a shame they didn’t bother to put in the effort to make it a more visually distinct game, it’s hard to feel sorry for folks that just wholesale ripoff existing assets and games.


If they cease and desist fast enough, while channeling profits into buying assets to replace the ripped-off ones, maybe they could survive, but it’s a heck of a business model.

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Pretty sure this would still land them in hot water, because it could show that they definitely intended to profit off an existing IP to fund development of a game

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They could claim that they thought that they were non-infringing from the start, but to be on the safe side, they revised the assets.

They do claim that they’re not worried.


Already hit with a cease and desist from Nintendo, so it won’t be released.


"I think that Nintendo missed out on a goldmine by not officially putting Pokemon on PC 15 years ago.

They have no one but themselves to blame for somebody else filling that niche—and adding guns."

There have been no shortage of attempts by others to make their own Pokemon-likes over the years, many of which have released on Nintendo consoles. Not sure what Nintendo officially bringing the series to PC has to do with anything or how that would have stopped something like this from happening. This game is also on Xbox and will eventually come to PS5.

PUBG (the number one most concurrently played game in this ranking) started out as a PC exclusive but was also copied by Fortnite, which went on to eat its lunch. The question of whether they’ll get sued isn’t about the gameplay or concept or the platform it’s on, it’s about whether they really used stolen assets to make the game.

that’s the mod, of course, and not the pal world game itself. that might even indicate pal world is safer than they seem, since they have yet to be sued…

Correct, I was replying to another comment that was talking about there being a mod already, not the article itself.

Sorry about the twitter links, the games industry folks I used to work with are still in that abusive relationship:

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