Poker bro accuses woman of cheating, without evidence, after she wins big hand. She gives him his money back to avoid trouble

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… so these are “reality TV stars” and this is an event that happened on a “reality TV show”?


For a given value of TV, Show, Star and Reality?

I don’t understand why the shithead gets his money back. Why didn’t the crew step in to put him straight? How is his opponent supposed to have “cheated”?


I believe Hunter Biden’s laptop was involved


If he does not play by the agreed-upon rules, then, ironically, he is the cheater here.


She should have just said ‘suck it up, buttercup’, with a big smirk. Then demanded he prove his accusation if he kept on.


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She was literally playing the game. She explained it at the end of the video. She’s watched him play, recognized a pattern of behavior, and took a chance, and it worked out this time. Imagine getting grumpy that she literally played the real game —reading your opponent.


People watch this for entertainment?


I allowed myself to become mildly interested in this, then quickly came to my senses and corrected course.


I don’t think any of us have any doubt as to which political party this dickhead supports.


For “doubt”, you might want to substitute “idea”. This incident is non-denominational.

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“The announcer on the stream was saying that Adelstein would ordinarily congratulate an opponent for a “hero call” like the one Lew made, but that his glare was “literally the most disturbed look that I’ve ever seen Garrett give.”

Yeah, sounds like a bro. No Sheroes allowed.


I fucking love his dumb face. “Wait! She didn’t follow the rules of bluffing!”


apparently the rule is you have to have a dick


It was such a bizarre call that Adelstein accused her of cheating.

Was it really? I used to watch a lot of poker, and I still occasionally see highlights. Remember, you aren’t playing the CARDS as much as you are playing THE PEOPLE. If you play strictly on odds in poker you will end up eventually losing to someone who knows odds and can read people.

She even said, she didn’t think he had shit, and that her Jack high could win it. Did she take a huge risk? Yeah, but I’ve seen people do that and win and lose. Also, I have seen people make less than rational bets to fuck with people.

And of course - people can get sloppy, make mistakes, or get outplayed and still get lucky and win.

I guess people are accusing of some sort of vibration device - but if so - prove it.

She ultimately gave him his money back to get out of the situation.|

What happened next remains somewhat unclear. Adelstein claims he, along with HCL producer Ryan Feldman, went to speak with Lew off camera. Lew says she was “cornered & threatened.”

That is fucking bullshit. Is there a video of that happening? Why would the governing body of the tournament allow that BS? I guess the producers were part of it?


The way she could potentially be cheating is that all the cards have RFID tags so that readers on the table can tell what each player has. Since the game is streamed this makes it a lot more entertaining for viewers since they can see what cards each player has. In the old days this was done with a table that had glass windows and cameras under the table. It’s not impossible to imagine that someone could make a device that can read the values of cards.

The reason it looks so suspicious is that she made an all in call, which closes the action - from there on out the outcome is determined by chance. Yes, their equities were about even with the actual cards they each had, but that is only something she could have known if she knew what hand he had. I think what really raised suspicions was her comment that she thought he “only” had Ace high - a hand that was currently crushing her. My speculation is that she thought she had J3, not J4, and thought she had a pair of 3s. This is super common - when your hand is not very connected it’s really easy to forget what the lower card is.

I don’t think the outcome of this hand requires her to be either stupid or cheating - I think she probably made a mistake. There is also the outside chance that somehow she had a very good idea of his exact hand and then made a weird comment about A high after the hand.


I should have specified “American”. Only one duopoly party here regularly makes unfounded claims of cheating when they lose under the standard rules.

Making a poker bet or bluffing or calling based in ignorance or recklessness is not cheating or against the rules. He’s a sore loser and a crybaby, the kind of player people start avoiding over time.


I’ve played poker for ~20 years, live and online. When you’re playing poker it’s sort of uncommon to think of it as dollars, its just chips in front of you. These are the stakes she plays at. It’s more important to think of it as the outcome of “one big hand” instead of the actual dollar value.


Making a poker bet or bluffing or calling based in ignorance or recklessness is not cheating or against the rules.

I think it’s important to point out, and this is probably just me mansplaining so I apologize in advance, that the issue is not that anyone thinks what she did is not allowed. It’s just… so unconventional, esp when paired with her comments, that it doesn’t make sense.

As an analogy you see this a lot in accusations of cheating in multiplayer games, where someone who is a decent to good player does something so unusual that it’s logical to think one of the possibilities is that they knew something they shouldn’t, and used that information to their advantage in a way a person without that information couldn’t plausibly have done.

But again, I think a very solid 3rd option is just that she made a mistake. A 4th option is that she just decided “fuck it” and made the final call for no particularly good reason.