Satisfying end to a $28 million hand of high-stakes poker


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The poker hand is from a tournament. The chips have no cash value, everyone plays until they have none left. Kassouf came in 17th by losing this hand, and collected $338,000.


White guy tells other white guy to check his privilege while playing card game for hundreds of thousands of dollars.


About as interesting as saw dust. I’m being generous too.


And this week on the “Douches Playing Cards” podcast…


I can hardly understand what he is saying tbh.


Puff and Chuff in the great big bluff.


Any poker player should see that Benger got under Kassouf’s skin.


I didn’t think the end was particularly satisfying, and the beginning was fairly dull, but once hat-guy broke his silence I found it quite entertaining.


At 4:00 you can really see Kassouf sweat.

But yeah, I think it can be seen from the body language and social interaction that the other players consider him a dick away from the table, too.


“Check your privilege” seems to have become a watered-down phrase. People now blurt it out when they have no logical response and simply want the other side to shut up. Seeing it used at a poker tournament probably indicates that it has jumped the shark.


So…Benger is calling Kassouf an SJW with the “check your privilege” line? But that doesn’t seem to be right…

Benger seems whiny–“oooh, you’re harassing me by talking weak shit AT A POKER TABLE”, and Kassouf just seems like a mouthy jackass.

The most annoying thing about watching people playing poker is that some of these people are allowed to wear mirrored sunglasses at the table, and that doesn’t seem right. A hat? Okay, fine. Sunglasses, no.


First off, the headline is wrong. It’s just 28 million in tournament chips. They have no cash value.

Secondly, the last time I checked my privilege I lost to pocket fours.


I’d be happy for someone sitting opposite me to wear mirrored sunglasses, as I might get to see their hole cards reflected in them.


Well yeah half the table actively turned their bodies or ignored him to avoid addressing him or shaking his hand. Benger was one of the one people to shake his hand at all.


You probably wouldn’t approve of the black monolith I seal myself in while at the poker table, then. (Hermetically sealed with self-contained breathing apparatus, of course… don’t want anyone picking up on my oxygen-consumption-rate tell.)



Oh snap. That video is a million times better if only for the reaction of the guy on the left.


I have a hard time buying a $1 lottery ticket but I suppose that’s the result of growing up with a gambling addicted father. I see no joy in gambling and man it sucks when I’m in a group and someone says “Let’s play [some gambling game] it will be fun!”. :cry:


“It was your talking that did it…You did…you did a really valiant effort, man.”