Poland has asked the European Court of Justice to overturn the #CopyrightDirective

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Good. They’re still complete dicks, though.


lol, what a fucking waste of time, did anyone think to check if the directive contradicted any treaties before they pushed this through?

Yup yup yup.

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They did. And then the bribes from Google said “fuck it.”

Interesting that they waited untill AFTER the elections.


Good luck with that! Surprised that any politician has the slightest notion of what is happening in the real world. Most seem to be total techno-ignoramuses, also.

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Was Google in favor of it? I can’t imagine that they would benefit considering that they would be on the hook themselves for a massive restructuring.

They want the opposition to post unfiltered to the net, so they can catch every one of them.

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Go Portland! Washington State EU reps show 'em that modest ask of overturn, before making Judgebot Hunting legal in EU sections of ah…sub-VAN. [Continued misreading, including Axl Rose references.]

I guess PiS needed a break from hating Muslims and cutting funding to environmental efforts in their country to do something actually useful.

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They tried to fill the void by hating women, destroying the rule of law and rewriting history, but it seems they need a larger external foe and a subject where they get some loud approval by the interwebz. Even if it’s just from toxic tweeting twats.

Pressed the wrong fucking button. Every time I read this my blood starts to boil. Either this is the dumbest excuse anyone has ever come up with (I’m exaggerating, these are politicians after all) or these people should be removed from any official position and put under guardianship. Goddamn fucking morons.

Who do you think was providing all that money that bribed EU reps to vote for the Directive? With their server capability and their filtering apparatus, Google didn’t just have a chance to grab half the money in the known world by getting the Directive passed, they had a chance to literally take near-total control of more than half the world’s Internet. When that measure was passed, Jeff Bezos became the de facto Emperor of The Internet. You think Google was sitting on the sidelines waiting to see what happened?

God Bless Poland. They do have their problems but they also have a history of standing up to worse horrors. They defied both Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. They led the charge in the movement that finally brought down the Soviet hegemony (and Ronnie Raygun stole credit for it).

This…feels like unabashed conspiracy thinking. I can’t find any evidence that Google has done anything other than lobby publicly for this to not take effect, and they’ve also told YT creators/etc to do the same. I’m willing to be wrong if you can provide some links or something.

The impact of this is massive and having a massive platform makes them a much bigger target and at risk for much larger fines. It’s a huge problem for them, not an opportunity.

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