Police bust black market California caviar king pins

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Man, I didn’t know that sturgeon fishing was so highly regulated. I just assumed that you had to have a valid fishing license.
I found this on the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife webpage:

(a) Purpose. These regulations are designed to
improve recreational fishing effort and catch
information in some or all areas where the fisheries
operate. Many of these species are of high commercial
value, and therefore, additional enforcement
mechanisms are needed to improve compliance
with existing bag limits and other regulations, and
to reduce the potential for poaching.
(b) Report card requirements apply to any person
fishing for or taking the following species regardless
of whether a sport fishing license is required:
(1) Salmon, in the anadromous waters of the Klamath,
Trinity, and Smith river basins. Anadromous waters
are defined in Section 1.04 of these regulations.
(2) Steelhead trout.
(3) White sturgeon.
(4) Red abalone.
(5) California spiny lobster.
(c) General Report Card Requirements.
(1) Any person fishing for or taking any of the
species identified in this Section shall have in his
immediate possession a valid non-transferable
report card issued by the department for the
particular species. See special exemption regarding
possession of report cards for lobster divers in
Section 29.91 of these regulations.

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Vicious Heartless

Oh wow, this was right in my town. Our local baseball team is even called the “Martinez Sturgeon.”


My wife paid 5 rubles a jar in the old Soviet Union, which was something like $1.

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…soon to be renamed the Martinez Nevermind about These Things Here, I imagine?
Congratulations on having freshwater for sturgeon and being in CA, quite the tinaja.
[Looks for 33 y.o. suspects throwing lots of desalinated water into the river, hoping to raise large freshwater species. Mmm hmmm.]

I just read the article about 7-11 mashed potatoes, but this is truly disgusting and a reminder that humans need to figure out a different way to feed ourselves on a large scale.

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Noting that it was Chao’s “gold sedan” seems oddly specific. Like, if you’re going to add an adjective to the already-overspecific “sedan,” why not the make or model? The colour seems like the most-irrelevant characteristic of a car used for poaching.

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