Police claim to have no record of widely-reported arrests of journalists in Ferguson, Missouri


“Pictures or it didn’t happen” takes on a new meaning.


Soon, the Feguson police will provide experts (from the Ministry of Truth) to invalidate the photos of the arrest as likley photoshoped.


I love the look on that guy’s face. “Hey everyone! Im getting arrested, now I’m the news!”


This sounds just awful, and it’s very much in character with the way this department operates. Nevertheless, I wonder if the paperwork just hasn’t found its way into the right cabinet yet. Bureaucracies of every kind tend to be pretty slow about record keeping.


It seems to me that the Ferguson PD is currently rogue, shirking all procedure. Not filing incident reports, removing identification (which should qualify as masquerading), helping troubled officers evade oversight.

I’ll be surprised if the entire department isn’t dissolved.


I’m entirely sure the right cabinet was the circular file.


I’m going to guess that ‘arrested’+‘no documentation of or justification for arrest’ will magically not add up to ‘false imprisonment’ in this case…


More Ferguson PD fuckery, I suspect.

But I wonder if the wording of the request didn’t leave them an out:

[quote]Any and all records detailing the arrest and detention of Neil Munshi of the Financial Times, Robert Klemko of Sports Illustrated and Rob Crilly of the Telegraph on August 17 2014 by by Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson.
{emphasis added}[/quote]

Was Ron Johnson the arresting officer? If not, this request could plausibly return no results.

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Not sayin’ you’re wrong. I’m just one of those annoying people who hesitates to condemn others - even bad ones.

Ah-ha Dr. Faust, you never said what you wanted to be famous for.


Two best photos I can find of the incident are http://cbsstlouis.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/453787420.jpg and http://media.zenfs.com/en_us/News/afp.com/407d341730818d96c144e223f0acce60aa8e75db.jpg

Per those, it looks like one of the arresting officers is “SERVAIS”. That’s not exactly a common name…


This is the Highway Patrol, not the local PD.


This is what I assumed when I read the headline, that they read the request in a very literal or even very creative way to ensure there were no responsive records.


I wonder what records exist of Canadian journalist Tom Walters’s arrest, seen here: http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/ctv-s-tom-walters-among-journalists-arrested-in-ferguson-1.1968102http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/ctv-s-tom-walters-among-journalists-arrested-in-ferguson-1.1968102

I suspect that Lt. McCollum, Custodian of Records would love nothing more than to share appropriate records to such an important event, if they actually existed. I doubt they do. I guess it’s back to backdating paperwork for the rest of the state patrol for poor Lt McCollum. Same sh*t, different day, has a much different meaning in this office.

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That link was 404. Maybe this will work?

They are aware that the whole world is watching them, right? How does it not occur to these people to do things by the book at least until the media goes away?


Why is the highway patrol responding to requests about local PD arrests? I know they’re all “cops” but everybody has their own department.


The highway patrol was called in after they realized the local PD was out of control, and before the national guard got there.

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I think it was because the request was sent to them. I was wondering why it wasn’t sent to the Ferguson PD.

Has anyone asked them for the arrest records?