Police respond to gunfire that was actually TV gunfire

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This didn’t happen in the US, so the risk of that is significantly lowered.


-100 internet points for not using the way more obvious reference for the post image.


Police in Germany go to police school for two years. Police in the US do 6 to 16 weeks. Hmm


German police are way less trigger-happy than their American colleagues. The total yearly number of rounds of ammunition discharged in the line of duty by all German police departments together is normally a very low three-digit number.

But then of course there are much fewer guns around in the general population, and it is a lot harder to legally own a gun (let alone carry it around with you, ready to be used, which is quite a lot harder still and something that, for the most part, only law enforcement officers and certain security firm employees get to do) than in the US.

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Yeah, but police in the US already had training at their previous 6 Gigs. Why train again after yet another fired-for-shootin iteration?

I know this is an outrageous exaggeration, but there is a kernel of truth in there somewhere.

“Not 'til you’re twelve, son.”


Surely not so dangerous as in USA. There are generally no gunfights in Germany due lack of guns. The police must assumed that. But they had to stop the noise. If someone sleeps in front of a loud TV, its some health-problem, or drugs. I guess, that’s, why he has been taken to the station.

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