Police sergeant’s lawyer: 16 year old girl probably saw penises before my client showed her his, NBD


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Dear officer lawyer, there is a big difference between looking for some random wang pics on the internet and receiving a wang pic UNSOLICITED FROM SOMEONE YOU KNOW.
Edit to fix my totally missing who said what.




He’s in a position of public trust - he should be held to a higher standard, not a lower one. Why is it that those in a position of public trust (LEO, elected, etc) seem to get away with violating the very core of their responsibilities with little to no repercussions?


If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must acquit.


You should probably note that the attorney said this, not the officer.


Isn’t this the sort of thing that gets minors onto the sex offenders registry?


How is sending dick pics to minors not a crime, but “annoying” someone of the opposite sex is?


Just look at it!


If a civilian, let’s say a 16 year old boy did that…well…Sex Offender For Life!
But since he’s a cop, I guess it’s OK.


It is a crime that will get you on the sex offenders registry for life.


Not that this police officer isn´t a scumbag, but the headline is still incorrect.


I really think we are dragging the bottom of the barrel in our police hiring these days.


You know the old saying: “If you’ve seen one penis, you might as well be forced to see all the penises.”


From Cock-block to cop-block!


“Dick pics to a minor” = “annoying” - it seems to be something of a catch-all term for various minor sex offenses.

Only if it’s their own dick. Ironically.


Can’t properly handle a penis, shouldn’t handle a gun for your job then.


“I have a feeling sending pics of my dong to this teenager could work out really well for me” <-- things that people are actually out there thinking, apparently


Kinda scary that a cop is unable to follow the consequences of those actions when that thought occurs.


annoying and accosting a person of the opposite sex

…but it’s not a crime if they’re the same sex?