Police take hundreds of millions of dollars from motorists not charged with crimes

True that. Still, you can lower the probability of it being found, during a routine search, quite a lot - at least if the workmanship is decent; cops are dumb.


" I mean, good gods, this country was founded in part to prevent exactly such abuses…"
Excellent use of past tense!


Exactly. If only more white people would explicitly realize and acknowledge that! (and more men, more heterosexuals, etc.)

Again, stunning! I agree with all you said and would only be repetitious if I added more. I just wanted to thank you for putting relevant matters of race that way, or rather, both of those (very rare from a white person) ways.


I’ve had to carry the day’s take from my employer to deposit in the bank numerous times. If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s only a matter of time before they seize some retailer’s proceeds in a stop like this.



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Alfred Anaya:


… so they can shoot at you because you “tried to sideswipe them with your car.” No thanks.

From the article

The law is making the choice of going car-less even more popular with millennials.

The problem with millennials is that they’re “drinking so much wine that that they’re changing the way it’s sold.” An entire generation, wasted on cheep booze.

Why do we (straight, white, cis male) need to explicitly acknowledge other viewpoints? I keep them in mind as often as possible, especially when discussing a topic like law, violence, sexuality, economics, etc. But why should I need to spell out, whenever I post a comment, that my opinion doesn’t represent all perspectives and my experiences are not universal?

That means certain make/models of cars put you at immediate risk for arrest, straight off the factory floor.

Some may argue that owning a Dodge Dart is sufficient cause for arrest in and of itself. YMMV :stuck_out_tongue:

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Better than tearing your posterior derisive ligament… they need to insert a stick for support while that heals.


That just means you have to have yet better workmanship. Because they can’t go after you if they won’t find it. Because, fuck the cops.

Please read the exchange above more carefully. I applauded iquitos46’s recognition that seeing things through his or her OWN white eyes was probably skewing how he or she saw an issue, and further, that including the insights (heh!) and perspectives of people of color would improve any conversation on race.

Seems reasonable (but again, rare, from a white person) to me, and it’s different from, as you wrote, spelling out, “whenever you post a comment,” that your opinion doesn’t represent all perspectives and that your experiences are not universal.

The problem I see is that all too often, when white people opine on matters of race (or straight people on those of sexuality, or men those of gender, etc.), they too often fail to realize not only that they’re doing so from a racially informed and shaped and limited perspective, but also that their pov and experience and knowledge and so on therefore differ from those of others.

I’m under the impression that a hidden compartment, that has been added aftermarket to a vehicle, is itself not legal. IANAL, just friends with a mechanic.

while I agree it’s ridiculous and these people definitely got hosed, having 75 large on you in cash IS suspicious. imagine anyone you know just having that in their car, you’d be full of questions too. if it’s that important, get a certified cheque, or have it delivered by a secure courier. driving around with that kind of dough, while legal, is dumb as balls. those cops are shit, but common sense has to play a role here.

For crying out loud, it is NOT illegal to have a large amount of cash no matter how ‘suspicious’ it might appear to some. And if the person stopped by the cops has a reason for it, why on earth is it so hard for that person to regain his/her property…unless it actually is nothing more than theft-by-cop? The anecdotal evidence cited in the article all referenced bills, purchases, etc., for which the money was intended. I’m sure a phone call or two would have been more than enough to satisfy honest officialdom. These are not honest people in charge of enforcing the law any more: they are predators.


While your statement is pragmatically correct, why is it that in every interaction with cops, the exercise of “common sense” always requires abandoning civil rights?


Because the police are either ignorant, or contemptuous of the law?

Because even if you’re in the right, they have all the power?

Because they might just shoot you and make any old shit up?


Because they don’t even try to hide that point?