Polish auto repair shop uses uses a Commodore 64 to run its operations


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Yes, I used one of these dinosaurs with its enormous floppy disks & zero tech support while in the employ of the Insurance Industry. The ole century had its ups & downs.


It looks like something out of the Fallout game universe, sans radiation :slight_smile:


I just upgrade my robot companion to hack it. I pick the locks, it hacks the computers.


If it aint broke…


Nice. I used to make fun of my dad’s flip phone until he got a Samsung last year. But now he actually regrets getting it since the old one was easier to use (for him). I guess he has a point.


Cool – I’ve been looking for a place to get my Chrysler K-Car serviced.


You need a high-performance computer these days just to open web pages. WEB PAGES!


Oh dear god! The floppy disks in that environment!!

Get this guy an SD card reader stat:



I hope they rock some F-15 Strike Eagle after the shop closes in the evening.


“I wouldn’t be able to do anything more with a new PC than I’m doing with my 64.”

Except maybe ASCII porn in color.


My (admittedly bad) translation of the image text:

Controlling a system of sensors and actuators doesn’t require a whole lot of computing power. I would use a microcontroller for this, but what the hell, a Commodore 64 is up to the job.


Hey, if you built it originally when a C64 wasn’t TOTALLY outdated, and its just kept working all this time…



Kind of like how Battlestar Galactica avoided the Cylons?


But only for deliberately shitty web pages!


I’m reminded how often my 1st gen iPad crashes loading BB.


Over the past fifteen years, web design has mostly yielded more empty space, more useless links, more scripts of things I don’t want to run from sources I don’t trust, more frivolous graphics. Basically, the internet has regressed at the hands of people who wanted it to mimic the superficiality of tabloid television and glossy lifestyle magazines.

If I could have the internet in html I would consider that progress, because there would be more meaningful content which would be easier to access. The fact that just about any computer made over the past 35 years could still be useful online is only a bonus.


But, but… cat videos!


I like videos, but I was still able to watch them twenty years ago using QuickTime. Not only that - when people put their own video on their own site it wasn’t as subject to censorship and lawsuit as it is for people who prefer for YouTube to handle that.