Polish up your writing with this pro editing software

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“Whether you’re writing company memos or meticulously crafting a novel, everybody needs an editor - and we’re not just talking about a spell checker. Writing software has gotten pretty intuitive, to the point where programs like ProWritingAid can guard against more than just silly mistakes. They can actually improve your style.
Designed as the first line of defense between professional authors and their editors, ProWritingAid can be a boon for bloggers, copy editors, entrepreneurs or anybody who needs to communicate more effectively. With a click, it can comb through your manuscript and flag a range of issues, including excessive adverb use, vague sentence construction, and even passive language. What’s more, it will suggest effective solutions to these common style snags with a context-sensitive thesaurus and dictionary, allowing you to learn from your mistakes. (And yes, it corrects spelling and grammar too.)”

Okay then, show of hands - are any of BB’s publishers using this?

I can tell you that the StackSocial copy editors aren’t. That’s some amazingly awkward sentence structure, with a few outright errors thrown in for flavour.

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