Political Cartoon Thread... b/c why not?

Grrr, snakes are lovely creatures. They don’t deserve to live near Gosar.


But that decomposing fecal compost will keep the surrounding soil warmer in winter.


(The artist is @davpope)


For those who aren’t au fait with Australian Politics, the three complainants at the front are

  • Pauline Hanson, the famously racist politician who founded the One Australia party which has gathered people around her who are, amazingly, even more racist and demented than she is. She’s also an anti-vaxxer and pals around with neo-Nazis. She used to be a Liberal, until she was forced out for being too publicly racist.
  • Craig Kelly, who isn’t notably racist, but he’s more deeply invested in the antivax, anti-science, climate-change-denying, far-right reactionary bullshit. He was also a Liberal until he quit to join the pseudo-populist United Australia party, which was founded by the Trumpian wannabe Clive Palmer, known as being a billionaire who may or may not actually have billions of dollars and spends a lot of time suing people for denying him his whims, and one of his whims was to own a political party outright, given that the Liberal party kept taking his money and then not doing what he told them (because they do what the Institute for Public Affairs and Rupert tells them to).
  • Matt Canavan, who is a Liberal National senator, which is the Queensland party which merged the economically neoLiberal Liberals and the socially regressive neoConservative Nationals into a particularly Queenslandish bubbling stew of raving nutcases which makes you long for the progressive and sane Alabama or Texas senates. If you want a summary of Queensland politics, think Texas crossed with Florida. Matt is not as smart as he looks, and definitely not as smart as he thinks he is.

All three of them have expressed overt support for MAGA and Trumpism.