This grim political cartoon sums up the next seven days


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Not shown: Congress dismantling the safety net below.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

Surely Uncle Sam can just grab hold of PEETUS’s hosenwurst. It is 'uge, I understand.


I’d go with “pokes fun at” rather than “sums up.” Yes, Trump is self-obsessed buffoon, which showing him tweet with his pinky out does signify nicely, but to me this is a pretty surface-level joke, that annoys me in the same way the “guy plays bass along to a supercut of Trump saying the word China.” Saying China over and over again was a huge part of Trump’s campaign strategy, and kinda fucking worked. These jokes whack their dicks on even the low-bar set by slacktivism. Sorry cartoonists, I love you, it’s not you…it’s me.

Alien: Inauguration

not shown, down in the ring, a very sour HR Clinton dressed as PT Barnum calculating how she can take credit for/actuate HL Mencken’s line - nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people


Was this the moment when Trump was promoting LL Bean?


Hosenwurst? Now that’s a good word.


I would describe Trump’s pants as Leiderhosen (not a typo).


Grab him by the pussy?


Where? The whole bloke is one!


Pussys are awesome. Both types that immediately comes to mind. He is nowhere near being as fantastic as any pussy, 4-legged, medically sterile, stinky pussy, robo-pussy, 3D-printed pussy, life-saving trans pussy, hell, even puss in boots voiced by Antonio Banderas is better.
I think people should really stop using the word pussy as an insult, because of pussy’s inherent natural value, to itself, simply by the act existing. Even gay men respect the pussy, as every single one of them came out of one.

The new word for weak and ineffectual should be “Trump”, as in “Stop being such a trump, your hands really are tiny, but all it really means is that you save money buying gloves, 10” laptops and all-in-ones are comfortable for you type on, and now you’re girlfriend is into fxxtxxg!" or words to that effect.t



Thank goodness you’re here, because I’m on my phone and it would have been a chore for me to go find that clip and post it :smiley:


“Pussy” meaning “female genitals” is the most recently coined usage. Its meaning as “timid and cowardly” really did come about earlier, referencing the skittish nature of pussy cats. (Some people believe it comes from “pusillanimous,” which is also plausible but less well-supported.)

It would be more logical to push against using pussy to mean vag, but that’s probably a quixotic lost cause.




Dan Savage advocates and uses ‘scrotum’ as an insult on his podcast with exactly these attributes in mind. As Savage has said many times on his podcasts–and this is to your point-- pussies are muscular and strong and can spit out babies whereas scrotums are thin, flaccid skin bags.


Less opportunities for juicy double entendres? I’m not sure I’m ready for a world where someone asking to see my pussy actually expects to see a cat. That’s usually pretty awful for the cat anyway.



It always annoys me when folk use the c-word to describe male politicians; when there are far more gender appropriate descriptions, like dick, cock and bell end.