This grim political cartoon sums up the next seven days


After seeing that tweetstorm of insults from Scots in response to Trump congratulating their decision to vote ‘Leave’ (Scotland, as you’ll recall, voted ‘Stay’ in every district), my new favorite insult is ‘donut’.


Oh, for heaven’s sake… it’s blinking.

You have won the Interwebs for today! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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The first two sentences are you projecting for another person, which is just sad. Can’t even parse your third sentence.

Edited because I miscounted…


Fixed that for you. Also, welcome to BoingBoing! We hope that you will enjoy it here.



Holy crap, that baby has Ice Cube’s voice now…


I’d prefer that the Luck Dragon or PTB tighten the springs on the door so that it actually will hit his ass on the way out.

*checks door*

What the hell? No springs? Dammit, will someone get in here and fix this? I want to see some Trumpets get door-spanked.


Not every single one:


OMG, What?!?


Grandma called doors with real tight springs “cat killers” given how effective they kept them out of the kitchen. Given where this thread’s been going though…


I missed it, :frowning:

but can I be a pinhead too, anyways?


I dunno. What are the nurses like in your area?


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