Artist puts Trump quotes on misogynistic old magazine ads


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That’s. That’s a thing.
I know you can cherry-pick for these things, but damn if that doesn’t look completely in-place with the ads.


I’d laugh, but it’s hard to do when I’m trying not to scream in frustration and horror.


And this is what he means by “Make America great again”, failing to see that for so many there wasn’t anything great about it.


This. Is. Perfect.


These are great! Where can I get prints?


I like this artist!

I honestly feel like sending him hot, fresh-baked muffins. Big ones. You know. Like the kind you can get at fine, bed and breakfast lodgings.

That’s how much I like this artist.


Ugh, I wish this was funny to me, but I find myself horrified by this basic lack of respect for humanity; and this dood’s POTUS?


P.S. I believe, much like the EPA chief, there exists enough evidence to take this clown-town down…who in the intelligence community is with me? Please do what’s best for America. I trust you’ll do the right thing. If you’re a true patriot, you’ll do the trustworthy thing, not necessarily the best thing.

P.P.S. I believe in America. That is all.


I might be terribly wrong about this (please correct me), but ‘Make America Great Again’ was a code meant to convince voters that America was no longer great, and that, specifically due to having too many undocumented immigrants, non-whites and non-Christians here. It was a call to everyone who felt that the ‘other’ person/group was the problem, and not themselves. It worked for Hitler. It worked for Trump.


Send me some of those puppy dog tails, or whatever it is you are smoking that make you so optimistic. My heart says I should buy in, too, but my brain warns otherwise. Sad


I know. I’m a perennial optimist, sorry.

There are many people in power. Some must see what is happening and decry it.

I hope.

They will stand up for America when the bill comes due…

Or I will.

stands up


But her emails.



What about her fucking emails, now, you communist bastages!

shakes head disapprovingly


Oh, they’d still insist that the emails were proof that she is a criminal and that crazy uncle Donny “might be a little rough around the edges but he only wants to do what’s best for 'Murica and protect us from the cannibal mooslims” or some such bullshit. They might know they’re in the wrong, but I doubt most would be in any mood to admit it to a “librul”.


Labels are destroying American thought processes.

P.S. I don’t like labels. People are more than their labels, man.


And too much damn political correctness!

Political correctness took our jerbs!


It’s fascinating that my utter contempt for Donald Trump actually protects him from outrage.

My expectations of the mean are so low that it’s now very hard for him to shock me. Seeing his quotes in other context illustrates this for me.

What a rancid shitstain!


Love your typo.


You’ve got it exactly right, unfortunately. Well, I admire your insight. The unfortunate part is that, yes, it did work. Even though it didn’t work with the majority it still worked with a frighteningly large number of people.


You forgot about the desire to put women “back in their place”, which this piece showcases beautifully (if also painfully). It’s not just about racism (even though that’s a huge part of it). It’s also about controlling women, and their bodies. ‘Cuz back in the good ol’ days, women were nothing but mere incubators and cattle to be sold to the highest bidder.