What does "Make America Great Again" actually mean?

Honest, non-rhetorical question. I always just assumed that MAGA is just sloganeering that Trump uses to evoke nostalgia or whatever. But since he’s now going to be our president is it not fair to actually get Trump voters on record as to what they think it actually means?

  • What does “Great” look like?
  • Since “Again” implies we were once great, what time period are we talking about?

I have my own ideas about this but can any Trump people out there weigh in?



If we can have only gentle rains at night, I might be willing to live in black and white.


They want a whitebread Mayberry RFD, Leave It To Beaver, Father Knows Best, etc America that never fucking existed in the first place.
That said the world of being able to support a family on one income (as much as it really existed that much then) on a high school education with a factory job is gone and it is not going to come back because we actually produce a ton of stuff, well not cheap electronic gadgets but we do make stuff just that it is all automated/robots doing the work. Even if the cheap electronic gadgets get made here the jobs will be automated there will not be all that work that used to be there. And personally I think that is good cause they were jobs that nobody really should be doing anyway. Hell I have watched or helped out with automating some of the IT work I used to do and while it chipped away at my job duties it was drudge work that should be automated anyway.

That world is gone and and not coming back and a lot of people are and will be hurt by that.
Answers? It is one of those complicated things, we all can’t fix each others plumbing and give each other backrubs and make each other lattes that is for sure.
Is a guaranteed minimum income the answer? It is one I like a lot but fuck if I know how well that would work. On the whole I don’t know and I hope there are people who are smarter about these things working hard on it.


I suppose it’s probably too much to ask to get actual Trump voters to respond, eh? Maybe links to writing elsewhere exist?


Good luck getting a legit answer from a bonafide supporter.

You’re more likely to get bait responses from the small assortment of energy leeches and fail-trolls here that thrive on discord, or lame self serving justifications from the tiny handful of bigots in denial whom you’ll find on practically every post about social injustice making the exact same excuses for bad behavior.

* Cough.*

I did say something about willful and perpetual denial, right?


You forgot the eyeroll…


The white blue collar fair-weather “middle class” doesn’t remember the game as rigged in their favor.

It’s like those people who believe they could arm wrestle their dad when they were five until a little too late in life.


I am not actually a Trump supporter, but I have some family members who are.

But there was really no economic advantage to anyone getting repressed. Nobody really wants to go back in time and contract polio or get segregated. But it would be nice to be able to retire some day.


It was Hillary’s “white people will end up sleeping behind a dumpster eating expired dog food” plank of the platform that really got me out to vote for her.


Needles and excrement for everyone!


It’s well known that Democrats are opposed to visiting parks, and pro-needles and excrement. I mean isn’t that what Obamacare is really about?


Funny thing about that; anecdotally I live directly across the street from a park where my kid plays regularly.

Personally I’ve never seen any hypodermic needles laying about, and there’s no excrement aside from the occasional goose poop from the errant flock of geese that visits infrequently.

There are no dice games, gang bangers or nefarious drug dealers lurking about either, ‘oddly enough.’ ( I mean, I do live in a metropolitan city in CA, ya know.)

Kinda makes you wonder about some people’s experiences perceptions, don’t it?


So true!


Except the privatized prison system, the jobs going to one community and not another, to easier access to money and a college education. all of the economic woes visited upon the white working class (of which I know plenty about, actually, since I actually am from the white working class) has hit the black working class all the harder. Every single economic metric bears that out. This isn’t some bs I pulled out of my ass. Studies upon studies have shown that.

As long as we’re in privatize and deregulate everything mode, fewer and fewer of us will have that luxury.


Nostalgia for an age that never existed…


Canada Geese?


If actions speak louder than words, then it seems getting rid of furenurs might be a MAGA cornerstone.
Saudi student is beaten, killed in Wisconsin
’Go back to Asia!’: Trump supporter grabs woman–police arrive and handcuff the victim