Make Mexico Great Again Also


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What’s the inverse of Poe’s law?


See? He’s not even President yet and he is already having unsuccessfully meetings with the heads of other countries! Imagine all the people he’ll be able to have unsuccessful meetings with after he beats Crooked Hillary for the Presidentiary!*

  • Trump 2016!


Funny how the phrase feels like a perfect lift from Spanish phrasing, with only the words changed, not the grammar.


At this point there are two types of people who will vote for Trump:

  1. Fools
  2. Assholes hoping to vote for a similar asshole.


Well one really great way to make Mexico great again is by conquering it and annexing it to the greatest nation in the world! Which is what we will be again! That will also take care of all the illegal immigration and then we can hunt down and deport all the rapists to El Salvadoristan! /end Trump


And those types of people that are changing channels between the following television shows:

Bayou Billionaires
Redneck Island
Lady Hoggers
Hillbilly Handfishin’
Rocket City Rednecks
Duck Dynasty
Swamp People
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
My Big Redneck Wedding

Just looking for entertainment they can relate to while making Mexico great again.


It’d probably be yet another case of shattered expectations… we’d elect him, and then suddenly he’d begin having the most prosperous, friendly, productive meetings that history has ever seen. No, I can’t risk being disappointed again, I’m not voting for him.


It’s disturbing how big a percentage of the American electorate that covers. And how much of that is the intersectional group of stupid assholes.


I know, it’s so clunky.

“Order some ‘Make Mexico Great Again’ hats for Trump’s trip.”
“Wait, does that mean we’re not making America great anymore?”
“No, we’re doing that too. Change it to ‘Make Mexico Great as a Possible Side Effect of Making America Great’.”
“That won’t fit on the hat.”
“Then ‘Make Mexico Great… Also?’”


It took until the end before the horrifying realization rose up like bile… those are all real shows you’re rattling off :open_mouth:


“Make Mexico Great Again Also”

So, what, is he going to return Texas or something?


They will pay for the wall, because it will exist solely to keep Trump out of Mexico.


Make America Grate Again!

Mexico Also!


Nothing says “I really like my neighbor” like calling them names, blaming them for things they didn’t do and then building a big fucking wall.


next hat… Make China Make America Great Again


I’ve been thinking they’d build it to keep out hordes of Americans fleeing a Trump presidency, but that works too. Just on their side of the border.

I’ve also thought, “If he says he knows the election is rigged, maybe it is because he rigged it, and is actually still a Democrat at heart and wants Hilary to win, in addition to it being cover for him when he loses.”


I kind of really want one of those hats now.




And demanding THEY pay for it, natch!