UK documentary "The Mad World of Donald Trump" (2016)

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Maybe we really DO need to give Trump his own Mad World to keep him from doing any more damage here. It worked pretty well for Bizarro.


[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:74554”]From The Daily Mail:[/quote]Ordinarily, this might be grounds for objection, but come to think of it, Trump is actually probably worse than The Daily Mail. One would expect them to join forces.


He always sounds so deeply insecure, like he has to prove his masculinity over and over. This is not a good quality in a President.


Its cuz of his tiny hands…


The hands are full sized… its the tiny carrot fingers that mark him out.


I’d go even further – it’s clearly cuz of what a woman once called his “tiny carrot finger.”


What is a ballistic nuclear missile if not a giant metal phallic symbol for fucking your enemies?


It clearly seems that Trump is unhinged by that very statement and its reference to his pee pee.

[note sarcasm and schadenfreude]


When even The Daily Mail thinks someone is a bit of an extreme right winger, then you know you’ve got problems.


We’re in uncharted territory when the Hitler-loving Daily Mail thinks Trump’s a bit of a dangerous lunatic.


Trump has always been a borderline psychopathic spoiled brat rich kid bully. That’s why his father packed him off to military boarding school. Where he continued to be a borderline psychopathic spoiled brat rich kid bully.

Everybody keeps painting him as a pathological liar and technically he is, but it is really that concepts like truth and falsehood have no meaning to him. You say whatever you need to in order to manipulate those you are with. So I use the term psychopathic according to its psychiatric definition.


Holy shit that documentary is scary.

Maybe I should take comfort in knowing Trump has a history of promising things he can’t deliver.

Of course then “Make America Great Again” might end up being an ironic slogan.



I don’t think it works that way. Selina Scott is a minor national treasure. Trump is news. Put them together and you’ve got an article that sells paper and clicks. That trumps(!) any political context.

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What always gets ignored when people bring up the phrase “short fingered vulgarian” is the “vulgarian” part. The guy is a sexist goon with lots of money and a very simplistic view of what is “classy.”

Remember when Bush was caught giving Angela Merkel some kind of shiatsu back rub (to her immediate dismay) at a conference in the EU? Now imagine how Trump might do that.

I can picture President Trump giving speeches where he discusses which female politicians are “classy broads” and which are “total pigs” (followed by him making the finger-in-the-mouth vomit gesture.)

I don’t give a shit about how big his fingers are, he just a vulgarian.

Has anyone called him out on his “make America great again” slogan? What, he doesn’t think America is great? He’s got like 100% of some district, or 50% or whatever, and like a bajillion bucks and hair that he thinks looks like human hair and fingers that totally don’t look like carrots. Give all that to any old chump and they’ll think it’s a great country.

I love this so fucking much. I… I feel you posted this for me, and I am greatly touched.

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