Short Fingered Vulgarian: the shoops that reveal Drumpf's inner baby-carrot-fingers


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Those are some pretty small fingers, right Mr. Drumpf? :wink:


I love that, while he spent twenty-five years fighting the “short-fingered” label, there’s no sign that he was bothered by being called a vulgarian.


I wish there was a way to report on this without inviting body shaming.



Someone should make a twitterbot that just tweets these at Trump every day.


I really need to get Photoshop installed on my work computer. There’s an infinite level of time wasting opportunities here.


Thought of this as soon as I read the title…


Dems seem fond of doing this to GOPers. Remember in 2012?




Well, they are just so sensitive about it. And orange.


There’s plenty of tiny face Obama shoops out there too. Also plenty of shot, lynched, and beheaded Obama shoops too.


I want to like GIMP, but they make it so hard to not cringe when you experience a UI/UX that’s basically tool salad.


Cue the “Moaning Lisa Blues”.


I wonder if Vulgarian is his secret service name?


Sigh. That’s true. I can hardly make it scale and export images.



I laughed far more and at a higher volume than was seemly at Drumpf’s tiny baby hands.


That last pic in the article was art.


It’s like that scene in Deadpool when he’s growing his hand back after he cut it off.