"Make the Alphabet Great Again," a baby board book of Trumpisms

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That would be very funny… if I wasn’t certain that stupid people have a limited sense of humor that allows them to mistake satire for sincerity. That’s how a laughably contemptible statement like “Greed is good” became the slogan of an entire society.


Trump: still not funny.



Not sure about any connotations here, but I was given (for my 70th birthday) a tear-off desk calender with a Trumpism per. day to savour, so I have a ready reference each day for his orange majesty’s thoughts and inspirational sayings. Not sure I can cope with that - no, really!


Paraphrasing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, the real Episode 1:

If there’s a bright universe at the center of the multiverse, this is the universe it’s farthest from.

Please, I don’t want to be in this universe anymore!


That looks like a Jeopardy category.

I’ll take Asshole Hypocrites for $500.


Must be the timing, but he’s far too dangerous and unhinged for me to consider him a joke anymore. As funny as I’m sure this is I just don’t have the stomach to laugh at that tyrant anymore.


I can’t blame people for mocking Trump at every turn, but every book about him just increases the chance I’ll have to see his stupid fucking face everywhere for decades to come.


I’ll take a wild guess and say the book will address the letter “X” via a reference to Stormy Daniels.


Babies are the only people alive who aren’t already soiled by having to see that piece of shit; why would you even joke about taking that away from them?


This is right up there with “Go the *&%$ to Sleep”; concepts that are funny enough to be a tweet, but just baffling that there is actual money put into making it a real product and that there are people out there willing to spend money on said product. I imagine that books like this get bought by wealthy liberals who wind up throwing them away after a short amount of time once they come to their senses and realize how embarrassing owning a children’s book for adults is.

Actually, who am I kidding, most of these are bought as gifts.

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I work in a bookstore, and this is pretty much exactly right. This, Goodnight Trump, the many swearing-themed coloring books, and other things that are basically a single joke drawn out into an entire book or even series of books, are mostly bought by older, wealthy liberals who have more money than they know what to do with and are eager to spend it on something, anything.

There’s also an entire genre of baby books (the kind with the thick cardboard pages) like “Baby Feminist” or “Baby Loves Quantum Physics” that seem to exist purely for virtue-signaling on the part of the parents. These could arguably be real childrens’ books if they were made for older kids, but baby does not love quantum physics. Baby does not know what a feminist is or even that sexism exists. Baby is busy working on counting to ten and learning how not to poop their pants.

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