Meryl Streep reads from "Trumpty Dumpty," John Lithgow's new book

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This is the difference between conservatives and liberals. The conservative grifters are people who run scams selling garbage to entrenched idiots to get themselves rich. The liberal grifters do the same thing, but they are already rich.

John Lithgow, is there anything he can’t do? :slight_smile:


How is this grift?


Selling tchotchkes based on one of the worst despots in US history.

That bad taste in your mouth is good old Capitalism, which is slightly different from grift.


Selling a book is a recognised way to communicate to a wide audience. His book is a strong criticism of Trump, in an artistic manner. He thinks it is worth distributing to a wide audience. So do his publishers.

And this is grift?


Excellent. Mind you, won’t cut any ice with Trump. If he sees it (assuming he hasn’t lost the ability to read, due to the alleged Covid he’s supposed to have contracted and cured in three days), he’ll either ignore it or go off on one of his rants and raves. No president has been treated worse, don’cha know!

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