Welp, here is the actual cover of Donald Trump's new book


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It’s an excellent graphic. Using one man’s struggle with hemorrhoids to express the pain of an entire nation.

Well done.


My first thought – needs some fiber.


Is that a riff on Stephen Colbert’s book title?
(America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t )


Makes Trump’s wallet fatter, it’s all good.


Glad he’s doing something for the disabled. But I don’t think they like that word.


From the phrasing, it sounds to me like he’s interested in doing something about the disabled, along with the immigrants.


PS. Trump is making the “I’m taking a dump face”, again…


Who was the ghost writer?


And, of course, there’s a BoingBoing Amazon affiliate link to buy the book. Really? Way to talk the talk, without walking the walk.


The next big Republican windmill to joust at. “The War Against Cripples.”

Forcing business owners to pay for expensive ramps. And they always get that sweet close car spot that should be reserved for BMWs.



I am now making fake Trump book covers.


Probably someone from China… Wonder where the book was printed.



He doesn’t think America is great? Why does he hate America?



They should be like Steve Jobs and just take that car spot.


To be fair, I believe affiliate links apply if you buy stuff other than that which the link sent you to. So, they may not expect to profit off the sale of the book - instead it’s there on the off chance you pick up something else when you click through to mock the book.



Mmm… Tastes like horsefeathers!