Trump attempts to silence a publisher


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All we seem to need is for Trump to make his horse a consul.


I’m looking forward to the trial already (not that it will happen - too embarrassing for Trump’s).


This does nothing to make the book look fabricated.


Publisher: “Thanks for the guaranteed bump in sales, dumbass!”


“It’s done, Ms. Streisand! Nobody will ever be able to see that photo of your Malibu house!”



/me buys stock in a company that sells popcorn.




How silly of me; for a moment I actually thought he wouldn’t have the nerve to try something like that.

Has there ever been a case where someone’s actually managed to halt “publication” of a book a week before its actual release date, after thousands of copies have already been printed and some retailers are probably already breaking the “street date”?


Didn’t Maggie/the Tories try to do this in the UK with Spycatcher? It didn’t work 30 years ago when social media didn’t exist, so why would it work now?


You’re going to need some back up!


Trump’s legal team went straight from “the author made this up” to “this book contains information that was protected by a non-disclosure agreement” without missing a beat.


Can we change the line to “Amber waves of corn”? The syllable count still works and everything.


I guess he is more of a Caligula then any other.


No Doubt has you covered.

Cornfields of popcorn have yet to spring open.


the nixon administration managed to stop publication of the pentagon papers by the new york times but that only lasted until the supreme court reversed that action.


Hmm…not sure what the status of “If I Did It” by O.J. was before it got blocked by the Ron Goldman family


And Charles Harder, lest we forget, brought the bullshit suit against Techdirt on behalf of the guy who didn’t invent email: Shiva Ayyadurai.


I can envision the lawyers frantically revising their cease-and-desist letters after the news broke about the author’s tapes of his many interviews and conversations.