Fire and Fury lawyer responds to Trump's cease-and-desist letter: go pound sand


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Hey you wanna see our documents in court? Well we’ll hafta see yours too den, eh? Toodles!


In a case like this, where the best thing that could possibly-ossibly happen to Wolff/Holt would be for Trump’s team to sue, why would the lawyer bother to write a detailed snap response letter, with legal argument, citations, the whole enchilada.

OK, they might feel they have to respond. Why not just say: “Nope.”

Always reminds me of the scene where the super-villain explains his/pers/her dastardly plan for global domination, giving James Bond / Bruce Willis / Wonder Woman / etc. just enough time to shoot/shoot/lasso him/per/her.


Hey man, along with the evil laugh, the baleful monologue is a hallowed tradition that sets a standard for all villains everywhere.


I guess it purports to reveal something about the underlying source of their pain. Poor misunderstood Blofeld / Zod.


Well played.
Its baffling to me that OBs legal team did not consider, not for a minute, that this is a door that can swing both ways. I mean they DO have studied law somewhere, didn´t they? Its their job to know those things!Then again, maybe, just maybe, people start to grow wise to the bullshit of OB and his flying monkeys, Imagen that, if you will, a world in which their empty threats, bullying, lies and deceptions do not work anymore, which renders them powerless. Well, a man can dream…


Uppity lawyers will be the first ones up against the wall.


Maybe they did. Maybe they begged Trump not to insist they do that. We all know that this is Trump’s MO. Not only does he know more than the generals, he is smarter than all the lawyers. And so, the Trump lawyers had to do something stupid.



Because this will never go to court and calling bullshit on another attorney in the public forum is so satisfying.

Dear Mr. Harder,

If you care to read the cease and desist:


It’s a fun listen so far (got the audiobook and have been listening in the bath last couple nights). Frightening and hilarious all at once!


How rude! At no point in that letter do they thank trump for boosting sales of the book, which I’m assuming is what happened when he objected to it publicly and told people not to read it.
That’s going to make you want to read it isn’t it?

(also, ‘never believe anything until it’s been officially denied’)


Trump clearly needs an education.

Okay to be more specific - Trump clearly needs an education in basic law.

May I suggest ‘My Cousin Vinny’?


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