Author of 'Fire and Fury' says Trump "has less credibility than, perhaps, anyone who has ever walked on earth"


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Trump denying that he spoke to this guy sounds like something somebody with no credibility would say.


Wow, shocking! I would never have believed that if I hadn’t read it myself! It goes against everything I have ever seen of Trump, his generosity, his kindness, his humble stoicism when assailed by critics or hardship. Truly this author has made the scoop of the century!

(OK, OK, I’ll show myself out…)


"has less credibility than, perhaps, anyone who has ever walked on earth"



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Trump “has less credibility than, perhaps, anyone who has ever walked on earth”…

Obligatory as fuck:


“Nixon wins again!”


Half the comments I read on the book say it’s all lies. The other half claim it tells us nothing we didn’t already know.


It was really fucking easy to spot how unstable he is just from the shit he said and this is going way back.

I find it really irritating that so many people could never see this or are downright refusing to see it in the case of everybody on /r/the_donald.


I’m not great at this kind of thing, but watching Michael Wolff in that video I get the impression that he is lying about something. I’ll be devastated if this book gets discredited, so I hope I’m wrong here. Maybe it just how carefully he qualifies everything he says.


Good news everyone!
I´m a psychic!


what about the credibility level of those condemned to crawl upon their bellies?



100% agree. In this interview, he dodged half of the direct questions and responded blanket weasely hedges. He also made statements that could not possibly be true, like (paraphrasing) everyone said he was like a child. Everyone? Even the cleaning lady? All it takes is for Kushner to say “I never said that and I talked with wolf” and it give purchase for discrediting the whole thing.


I authorized Zero access to White House (actually turned him down many times) for author of phony book!

Looks like it’s past time for some heads to roll in White House Security – some dude wanders the White House for months and they don’t catch him?


“Sloppy Steve.”

God, this guy’s a dope.

Note: I’m not disputing Bannon’s bridge-troll aesthetic. I’m just impressed by Trump’s inability not to be an embrassing dope.


“Sloppy Steve” a typical name calling tactic used by 12 year olds and our President.


And apparently also by the millions of bully-loving adults who voted for him.


I heard someone say (I know, this is a very authoritative source) that the scandals that really take people down aren’t ones that reveal something shocking, they are ones that confirm what everyone already knew. Assuming we live long lives, one day the last straw will come for Trump.

Not that I’m banking on this book being it. Though what I do think this book has going for it is that it credibly accused everyone of thinking of Trump as an idiot. Jared, Ivanka, the cabinet, everyone. Trump says it’s all lies, but he obviously didn’t think the quotes from Bannon were lies. Maybe the revelation that everyone is a traitor to him will send him into overload like a computer faced with a logic problem on Star Trek.

Everyone I’ve seen talk about it says Wolff is a weasel. One commentator said, “He pushed the truth to the breaking point, and sometimes past it.” But it might not be so easy for anyone to come forward and say they never said Trump was stupid. Wolff says he has tapes. Maybe there’s no one who can be all that sure they didn’t say it. Bannon sure didn’t try to deny anything even when he talked about how he supports the president.

Some of this book is going to either be outright discredited or at least be shown to be shaky. One of the things it’s doing, though, is giving reporters who already heard this kind of stuff from insiders off the record permission to speak up, saying things like, “This matches everything I’ve heard.”