Fire and Fury, explosive book behind this week's war between Trump and Bannon, released early


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Subtitle: The Dart of the Eel


Fire and Fury […] released early


So which will win? The Bannon book or the Wolff book?

I suppose its the first to the market.


It’s going to be a hot time in the White City tonight!

Edit: I meant to write White House, but White City will do!


lordy i hope there are tapes!


I almost wonder if Trump is getting a cut of the royalties and all of this nonsense is just stunt.


Trump feuding with Bannon, including a lawsuit penned by Thiel-monkey Charles Harder.

I love it when the fire bitches about the kindling!


I can hear Trump now…

“…they were against me at every turn! Ah, but the strawberries, that’s where I had them!”


Yes Virginia, there is a Tapey Claus.


A peculiar fetish.




A late Christmas gift for tRump.



I’m disappointed Rob. Couldn’t be bothered to like replace his eyes with the picture from the cover of the book? No blood trickling out of the nose?


I’m obviously a born writer. First thing I checked was the ranking, and then I thought, man, I wish I had the number one book on Amazon right now, 'cause that’s a lot of money. I could buy a boat. I could buy a navy.


I won’t lie – I ordered a copy.


Speaking of which … does anyone know Wolff’s form? Is he reliable, accurate, etc., or more along the lines of, um, Geraldo(?)?


I love the way Trump has elevated this - do you think they’ll include his lawyers letter in the second printing?


Do you really think his supporters know how to read?


Slime and Slurry:
I wonder when the Mercers dropped to a minority position, and who has the rest?