Donald Trump is suing my publisher, and its response is magnificent


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Once he’s done stacking them, I wouldn’t place bets on that.


Is there a suit, or just a thread to sue?

If the latter, “Donald Trump is suing…” should be “Donald Trump is threatening (badly) to sue my publisher…”


Yeah, my thought exactly…


Yet, as your client will no doubt appreciate, timing is everything when it comes to these claims.

All that’s missing from McNamara’s letter is an expression of concern that some random arsehole has gotten ahold of Harder’s letterhead.


Although I don’t know the actual statistics here, my impression is that over the years, for all the times Trump called on his lawyers, he was basically betting on the other party acquiescing, and the times when they did pursue it to court, Trump lost.

So, I’m curious to see if Trump actually pursues this further. He has no idea how the law works, so even if his lawyers advised against it he might still want to fight it. Of course he might lose the case and claim he won, reality-challenged as he is.


Fire and Fury seems too kind for a title. I probably would have called it Big Baby.


The best evidence of the book’s veracity has been the Trump administration’s reaction to it.




Who walks around with a full battery? No one. FAKE NEWS.


Great title for a bathroom read though…


/sommelier demeanor

To complement your reading choice… i recommend a cold mildly soggy Taco Bell burrito, topped with their finest Diablo Hot Sauce packet and paired with this toilet paper during the aftermath on your bowels


Here’s Elizabeth in a marketing piece:

You go girl!


I have terrible battery anxiety. 100% charged at 8AM? You’re damn right I am.



Seriously, Harder?
Assumption 1: someone who can win the Hogan vs. Gawker case cannot be ignorant of the law applicable.
Assumption 2: someone who got the massive a media attention by said case cannot be ignorant of the Streisand effect.
Assumption 3: someone who takes this particular task of writing a cease-and-desist letter must be interested that the opposite party stops the publication.

Error. Conflicting assumptions.


Has his hair been shooped there? Jesus, it looks like goat fur.


Just bad JPEG compression on the original photo with much less destructive compression on shooped elements in the binder thing.

At that scale hair is hard to compress without making it look like cotton balls.


My take on it is the lawyer likely doesn’t care that much, Trump wants it to stop and he’s paying his lawyer to make a bunch of noise so he is. Whether its effective or damaging the lawyer’s reputation that’s something entirely different. Though he is making money so there’s that.