Welp, here is the actual cover of Donald Trump's new book

I read this as “Donald Trump Crippled America”. So I take it this is an alternate future SF novel where Trump wins election and ruins the country. Scary stuff!


Yes, he and his ilk certainly did.


On the assumption that like all Republican candidates he’s against the ACA and has no workable alternative plan to ensure access to medical treatment, I can only assume that the title of his book is not a diagnosis but a prescription: his campaign’s plan to make America great again dictates that more Americans will become “crippled”.

All I can think of is how this would work as a Chuck Tingle cover. “Donald Rump: Lusting for John Galt’s snakeoil dispenser”, or some such thing. The images haunt me!


what is with this guys graphic design team?


“This is the strongest field of Republican candidates in 35 years. You
could pick a dozen of them at random and have the strongest Cabinet
America’s had in our lifetime, and instead all of our time is spent
discussing this rodeo clown.” --Charles Krauthammer

I think I understand why Trump is so popular: he perfectly represents a certain class of Baby Boomers, who are a bunch of senior citizens who never grew up.

Don’t like that? Have you noticed the chumbox ads that have recently arrived?

Or should I say “12 websites you’ll stop visiting because of degraded quality!”


I have not.

I consume BB via RSS, and also via the BBS.

Roughly 5% or less of the articles that interest me bring me to the BB Main Page.

Accessing the thing from the BBS side has a lot of real advantages. :smile:


Of all the considerable wealth of legitimate things to criticize and mock Trump about, using a common word with a common meaning and using it not even remotely in reference to disabled people has got to be towards the very bottom of the list.

Or were you just concerned that someone, somewhere, might be offended?


Hey, he’s right. America is crippled.

By its caste of arrogant, over-privileged, democracy-corrupting plutocrats. Like Trump himself.


Somebody with skillz do this right, please.


The Illiterati will love it…


I got one for an article on “Are you parting your hair the right way?” from Vogue.

So, appropriate. >.<

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I don’t get that last part. “Cripple,” as a noun, is offensive. But what’s wrong with cripple, the verb?

By analogy: I would never call someone “an illegal.” But that doesn’t stop me from using the word illegal.


And after that, maybe redo with your favorite anagram of “Crippled America”:

Acclaimed Ripper
I Declaim Crapper
Redcap Empirical
Cardiac Leer Pimp
Arcade Relic Pimp
Radical Creep Imp

Thanks to Wordsmith.org


When are we as a nation going to face up to the fact that all words are offensive? I apologize for the ones I just used.


In my limited experience, one of the best sites/daily emails for language nerds.

And they want to watch the world burn because as entitled as they feel, they just weren’t given quite enough by their own parents. Yeah, I know this boomer. All too well.

@stefanjones: I’d like to <3 this, but:


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Nice. “Donald Trump Crippled America” belongs on the shelf next to “Bill O’Reilly Killing Lincoln,” “Bill O’Reilly Killing Jesus,” “Bill O’Reilly Killing Reagan.”

10 minutes left or so. I believe in you, you can survive this period without liking anything!