Dr. Chuck Tingle, Amazon Kindle author


Continuing the discussion from Kindle Cover Disasters:

This guy’s back catalog is freaking fantastic.

Also, this interview with him is my favorite thing on the internet right now.

My latest story is called Bigfoot Sommelier Butt Tasting and the idea came from a wine shop in Billings. big man in there showing everyone bottles got me laughing and suddenly i felt a tingle coming on. next thing i know, i’m trying to write while ted blasts his music but it’s okay because i got it done.

Did you ever want to play questions?
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Paging Dr. Tingle!

Thanks for the links, I’ve been busy and probably wouldn’t have seen them otherwise.

My Billionaire Triceratops Craves my Gay Ass
Unicorn Butt Cops Beach Patrol
Glazed by the Gay Living Donuts

This guy is on a roll!


I found an excellent unicorn chaser!

I’m glad I wasn’t signed in to amazon when I clicked on the link. My recommendations would be fubared for sure.


Dammit, now I can’t stop.

I read the sample, and now I kinda sorta wanna know what happens next.
Someone please stop me before I log in and buy the damn thing.


Book club! Book club! Book club!


He has a whole series of unicorn-themed books, so there’s gotta be at least a couple that would be worthy of the BB book club!


I’m at work, and Jack Warner would fire my cracked arse too quick if I so much as look at these.

What does this guy do? Just type and type and type whatever butt-related nonsense he can in an afternoon, spend an additional half-hour on shooping up a cover, and throwing the result in the Kindle store to see if Donalds Like Me will pay to read such stuff?

'Cause I totally would, and only because butts are the second-funniest things in human history (next to DONGS, as @OtherMichael would certainly agree).


I strongly suspect his unicorn-themed books would need a unicorn chaser. And I don’t mean that in a “chubby-chaser” sort of sense.

Also these reviews are helpful.

I’ve been wondering how to automate things and publish onto Amazon a la Philip M. Parker (but not quite so boring. or classy).

Now I think I know what niche to pound.


Hey, Dr. Tingle has to make a living too.


I guess pounding niches would be a step up from the pounding going on in these “books”.


So Hard: Writing an Automated Erotica-Bot

Elbow Deep: Debugging an Automated Erotica-Bot

First Person Singularity: My Automated Erotica-Bot is Sentient, and Gay for Me

Pounded in the Butt by my own Gay, Automated Writing Bot

Procedural question: are the referenced books actual gay-erotica/pornography, or are they straight-guy-writing-what-he-thinks-is-gay-erotica-slash-porn-but-failing ?


I think you’d be wise to go with assumption #2. Not to disparage the fine efforts of the “Dr.”^, of course, but the reviews seem to indicate the latter.

^ I’m pretty sure DeVry doesn’t actually have a PhD program.


Somewhere out there is a gay billionaire triceratops with a thing for humans saying “I survived the K-T extinction for THIS?!?!?”

Or worse, a single, solitary tear trickling down the long face of a Ghost Unicorn Colonel.


That’s a long trickle.


Well it definitely doesn’t in holistic massage.

They only offer the MA.


Sorry* to be a pedant, but it’s called the K-Pg boundary/extinction now…

*Not really


Ok, “I survived the K-Y boundary for this?”


Careful stepping over the K-Y boundary. It’s really slippery.


It’s the santorum that worries me; a 20-km-high tsunami of the stuff? UGH.


He fixes the cable?