Did you ever want to play questions?

Or iron cast?

Doesn’t that depend on which end?


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What about Oregon? Wouldn’t that have to be at least double?

Hold on, how did I get an artefact from San Quentin if I have never. Even. Been to San Quentin?

Your end[1]?

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Perhaps Ebay?


Not to be too dark this early in the morning, but isn’t it sad that is basically how he ended?

Isn’t that a rather mundane explanation? Shouldn’t it involve aliens? Oblig.gif

(Am I the first to commemorate this historic achievment?)

#Do we get the travelling-trophy, now?

Or does it remain in the case in the BoingBoing lobby?


Speaking.of which, isnting the resurgence of graphical interchange format obnoxious? Hasnt PNG supported animations and looping for more than an decade?

Hover-text? Art-history? wrong Pollock?

Can I be the first to thank all the mutants here? Are you not, to a member, wonderful people?


No, splattered?

Also, I was lead to believe there would be punch and pie?

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I’m not sure, but I’ll ask?

Wasn’t the devastation from the GIF-pronounciation Wars enough? Do we have to start the PNG-pronounciations War, as well?

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Is Michael the first Jackson that comes to mind?

I vaguely seem to recall… Five?

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Would you believe ‘Action’?